Despite all this MAMA hype this past weekend, your favorite idols continue to make it to the music stage to deliver your weekly dose of K-pop! This week in music, the likes of DBSK follow up with their weird steely robot concept for “Humanoid,” my favorite bubble gum pop rookies B1A4 are still trying to walk, B2ST’s Yoseob makes his solo debut with “Caffeine,” and acts like Girl’s Day, Boyfriend, and SPICA continue to vie for the spotlight. Let’s jump right in!

Epik High’s “Dont Hate Me,” SBS Inkigayo, Sunday 2nd of December 


“Dont Hate Me” is just such a fun song to both watch and listen to. These performances always end up looking like a party, and you really can’t go wrong with this kind of energy on stage. Still getting used to the fact that Epik High is back on the mainstream scene, but so far I’m still loving it. From the little fire works, the colorful backdrop, and the endless spotlights, this week’s Inki rendition of “Don’t Hate Me” is one you don’t wan’t to skip.

Boyfriend’s “Janus” SBS Inkigayo, Sunday 2nd of December


Boyfriend breaks out their bad boy swag for this week’s performance of  “Janus.” I never much of a Boyfriend fan, but “Janus” is painfully catchy. Check out their decked out suits, complete with enough drama to rival the drama of the song!

SPICA’s “Lonely,” SBS Inkigayo, Sunday 2nd of December


Ah, my favorite woman warriors of the pop scene, SPICA! “Lonely” fuses this old school pop sound with a new school edge, and the girls really have never looked better! This group always impresses me with their vocal strength and variety, and they are always a pleasure to watch on stage.

DBSK’s “Humanoids,” MBC Music Core, Saturday 1st of December


I’m not gonna lie, I picked this “Humanoids” performance not because it was the best one this week, but because the outfits were the least awful. Like, my God, HoMin’s stylist puts my boys in some of the tackiest outfits I’ve ever seen, somebody tell her that it’s not longer the early ’90s. Anyways, the neon jackets for Music Core were actually decent looking, and wardrobe aside, the boys go on to prove that they still know how to put on a show. I really like the “Humanoid” choreography too–finally looks like they’re figuring out how to offset the excessive use of back dancers with better integrated moves.

Girl’s Day’s “Don’t Forget Me,” MTV The Show, Saturday 1st of December


So I know Girl’s Day isn’t the most talented girl group out there, and their cotton candy sweet jingles all sort of sound the same, but I have this soft spot in my fangirl heart for them. There is something infectious about their melodies that I can’t seem to shake, so here is their performance of “Don’t Forget Me.” Don’t let your teeth rot!

Yoseob’s “Still I” Intro and “Caffeine,” KBS Music Bank, Friday 30th of November


Okay, does anyone else think this is one damn fly suit? Yang Yoseob, vocalist of B2ST, finally makes his long awaited solo debut with “Caffeine.” Though I’m not feeling chorus very much, I can’t really complain much because Yoseob knows how to rock the mic with any verse he’s given, and it’s great to hear him loud and clear for once instead of with only a handful of lines in any other B2ST song. He really should do these stages live with Junhyung, though, don’t you think?

NS Yoon-G’s “If You Love Me” feat. Simon of Dalmation, KBS Music Bank, Friday 30th of November


And the endeavor of the female soloist continues! This is your average sappy love song, but Yoon-G is a great soloist performer with plenty of strength in those vocals. Simon’s Engrish kind of hurts my ears, but for the most part, his raps do a decent job of adding some much need energy to the repetitive beat. Simon and Yoon-G do make a cute performance duo, too bad they don’t have better on-stage chemistry.

Noel’s “The Things I Couldn’t Say,” KBS Music Bank, Friday 30th of November


Noel puts idoldom to shame with their ballad “The Thing’s I Couldn’t Say.” This performance is a nice respite from the typical pop stage, and Noel really makes this song a tear-jerker with their powerful voices.

B1A4’s “Tried to Walk,”  KBS Music Bank, Friday 30th of November


Oh yay my boys! But my God, who dressed you, HoMin’s stylist? Though these may very well be the worst outfits I’ve ever seen B1A4 wear on stage, but it doesn’t change the fact these boys are great performers. Seriously, if you can rock prints like that and still sound fresh, you’ve got to be doing something right.

What music stages did you enjoy this weekend?