Welcome back to another week of Best of Weekly Music Shows! This week, Mamamoo took home a win with “Egotistic” on SBS The Show and Twice with “Dance The Night Away” on SBS Inkigayo, while Seventeen won for “Oh My!” on MBC Show Champion, Mnet M! Countdown, and KBS Music Bank.

Without further ado, here were some of our favourite stages of the week!


Seungri’s “1, 2, 3”, MBC Show! Music Core, July 28, 2018

This week’s show was held as an open outdoors concert, but Seungri pretty much turned it into his own full-blown solo concert. He got the crowd cheering and chanting along, all the while pulling off a true performance that looked straight out of a musical with the scene changes in choreography and formation. Whether you like the song or not, there’s no denying that he is truly a charismatic veteran in this industry.


Seventeen’s “Oh My!”, SBS Inkigayo, July 29, 2018

The common trap with groups that have many members is that the stage formation can easily get very messy, but that’s not the case with Seventeen. Despite having thirteen members — one of the largest idol groups — their performances are always so clean and sleek. They put a lot of effort and practice into making difficult formation changes seem seamless and easy, and it really shows.


FT Island’s “Summer Night’s Dream”, SBS Inkigayo, July 29, 2018

As one of the first idol bands, FT Island has really stayed true to their roots all these years. This track is a lively jam that is both catchy and quirky in its own right, and it’s great to see the members jamming it out together.


Triple H’s “Retro Future”, KBS Music Bank, July 27, 2018

One of the few pieces of criticisms that I have for Triple H is their styling — it’s honestly hit or miss. This week, their stage on KBS Music Bank was one of the only performances with great styling where they not only looked great individually but also matched as a trio. Their clothes may not seem like a big deal, but the amazing elegant, retro styling really added to the genre of the track, and made it a great show to watch overall.

GFriend’s “Sunny Summer”, Mnet M! Countdown, July 26, 2018

Despite the very obvious summer style of their comeback, GFriend added an elegant twist with their classy black and white styling. Aside from the track’s genre which is the classic GFriend sound, the wordplay on their name is also a fun little touch to make the song really theirs!

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