Welcome back to another week of Best of Weekly Music Shows! This week saw the return of well-loved artists like Twice with “Dance the Night Away” and Crush with Wonderlust, as well as the debut of Gugudan’s second ever subunit Gugudan Semina with single “Semina”. A Pink and Black Pink dominated the music show scene this week, with the former taking wins on SBS The Show, MBC Show Champion, KBS Music Bank, and SBS Inkigayo, and the latter taking top score on Mnet M! Countdown and MBC Show! Music Core.

Without further ado, here were some of our favourite stages of the week!


Gugudan Semina’s “Semina”, SBS Inkigayo, July 15, 2018

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Jellyfish Entertainment really should have debuted with this trio and with this concept earlier. Clad in the exact same quirky outfits from their music video with an equally vibrant background, Nayoung, Sejeong, and Mina exude sass and confidence in their bold stage for “Semina”.

Jessi’s “Down”, MBC Show! Music Core, July 14, 2018

“Down” is such a chill and groovy track with a slight tropical vibe, and Jessi — with her cool and chic stage persona — pull its off perfectly. Despite being on stage with backup dancers, her charisma and confidence really set her apart — she’s just so comfortable on stage delivering vocals and moves.

Twices “Dance the Night Away” MBC Show! Music Core, July 14, 2018

This whole comeback screams major summer vacation vibes — from this title track to the styling. Despite the busy choreography especially during the chorus, the members held their own and were vocally really stable, which is quite impressive. Twice’s enthusiasm is truly infectious, and I found myself grooving along during their stage.


Kyungri’s “Blue Moon”, SBS Inkigayo, July 15, 2018

This track and this stage reminds me a lot of Taemin’s “Move” — sensual with subtle but impactful moves. Having a mix of both female and male backup dancers doing the same choreography isn’t often done, and doing so really adds variety and depth to the performance. I wish that she could have done a little more in the dance break — it would have been a great opportunity to showcase more complex moves!


ONF’s “Complete”, SBS Inkigayo, July 15, 2018

Refreshing is the perfect term to describe ONF’s stage: clad in bright white tops and casual denim tops, the group pulls off this youthful concept perfectly. The chorus is extremely catchy, and the members’ sharp moves and big smiles onstage make this performance a must-watch!

(YouTube [1][2], Image via MBC)