Welcome back to another week of Best of Weekly Music Shows! This week, iKON and SF9 made their second comebacks of the year while VIXX‘s Leo made a sensual solo debut. Mamamoo took home a win with “Egotistic” on Mnet M! Countdown, and Twice with “Dance The Night Away”on MBC Show! Music CoreKBS Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo, earning their eighth consecutive triple crown on the program. Congratulations to both winners!

While there were a few music shows which did not broadcast this week, here are 5 performances we particularly enjoyed among the diverse array available.

iKon’s “Killing Me”, MBC, Show! Music Core, August 4 2018

Following their huge success with “Love Scenario” earlier in the year, iKon’s “Killing Me” is catchy in a different way. Just as the song is filled with a few unexpected twists and turns, the backdrop and lighting for this stage is colourful and complicated. The members embellished their parts well with their facial expressions, with Ju-ne in particular slaying the camera (and us) at 1:48.


SF9’s “Now or Never”, KBS Music Bank, August 3, 2018

Out of the comeback stages that SF9 has had, I liked the styling for their performance on Music Bank the most. While less sleek, their styling and the red lighting made the performance seem a little fiercer and more passionate, strongly bringing out the intensity of the song. The camera work complementing the beat at the beginning of the song was a nice touch as well.


Hoya‘s “You’re Mine”, KBS Immortal Songs 2, August 4, 2018

This performance blew me away because Hoya showed his limitless skill as a soloist – his vocals have a new depth to them and his dancing, while flawless before, looked even more fluid and effortless here. Not to mention that fantastic jacket throwing scene, which set the stage for Hoya to showcase his awesome choreography. Him winning this week despite Immortal Songs normally being a more vocal-centric show was just a confirmation of the hard work he has put in so far and his boundless talent.

In2it‘s “Sorry For My English”, Mnet Mcountdown, August 2, 2018

The song is not the most musically interesting one around, but what made this stage so enjoyable was the way the members clearly had fun performing it. They let loose but still were able to maintain a sharp and synchronised choreography, brilliantly showcasing their ease and professionalism on stage.


Black Pink‘s “Forever Young”, SBS Inkigayo, August 5, 2018

Black Pink showcased their cuteness with their facial expressions, gestures and overall styling but managed to remain girl-crush worthy through their powerful vocals/raps and confident choreography. This vibrant stage complete with on-point lighting reminded me again of how perfect a summer song “Forever Young” is for this group.

What were your favourite performances of the week?

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