Welcome again to Best of Weekly Music Shows! This week saw the return of several groups, including duos like Super Junior‘s sub-unit Super Junior D&E and MXM, as well as groups like (G)I-dleBerry GoodBigflo and ImfactGirl groups dominated this week with DIA achieving their first ever win this week on SBS The Show for “Woo Woo”, while Red Velvet swept the rest of this week’s music shows with “Power Up”. Congratulations to the winners!

Stray Kids“My Pace”, MBC Show! Music Core, August 18, 2018

From the vibrant backgrounds of this stage to the 110% effort each member puts into their parts, the youthful energy of “My Pace” is brought out perfectly here. The ever-cheerful facial expressions matched with the powerful choreography of the members really make this song come alive, and it is so refreshing to see.


(G)I-dle’s “Hann”, KBS Music Bank, August 17, 2018

From the intense introduction to the stunning black ensemble the members don, (G)I-dle shows a new image of themselves with “Hann”, especially in this performance. Soyeon stands out right from the beginning with her eye makeup and her fiercely cold stare. The fire effects in the chorus of the song enhance the aesthetic of the performance very well, along with the red lighting which increases the drama of it all.

Red Velvet’s “Power Up”, MBC Show Champion, August 15, 2018

The fruity backdrop and the bright colours the members are wearing complement the sunny nature of “Power Up” so well that this adorable performance is just a joy to watch. I’m especially digging Seulgi‘s hair here (those hairpins!), and I love the way the members seem to be having so much fun performing this cute choreography.


Son Seung-yeon‘s “Wild Rose”, KBS Immortal Songs 2, August 18, 2018

The opening shot of the chandelier and Son Seung-yeon’s beautiful, sparkly gown really reflect the regal quality of her voice. The subtle piano melodies transcend wonderfully into grand brass sounds, as her voice grows louder and more powerful through the song. The effortless way she vocalises and hits those high notes sent shivers down my spine, especially at the climax of the song.

Super Junior-D&E’s “Victory”, MBC Show! Music Core, August 18, 2018

Right from the hug, the duo shared at the beginning of the stage to the playful way they acted out the lyrics of their song, this whole performance felt like it could have happened at D&E’s own concert, rather than at a music show. Their comfort on stage and synergy with each other really shows their years of experience and it is wonderful to watch this duo back in action in Korea.

What were your favourite stages of the week?

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