Let’s get into another round of the Best of Weekly Music Shows! Once again, we have a great week of performances by your favorite idols. Making their debut were Nature and Loona, who each brought their own sunny vibe to the shows. This week also saw a comeback from trot singers Norazo.

Red Velvet made a clean sweep of all this week’s trophies despite not appearing on all of the shows. Talk about making an impact! They’ve had quite the successful promotion. Congrats to them!

Even though KBS Show! Music Core was canceled due to the 2018 Asian Games, there were still many stages to watch on other shows. Without further ado, I’d like to share some of my favorites from last week. As always, you are welcomed to list your faves below.

Loona’s “Favorite”, Mnet M! Countdown, August 23, 2018

FINALLY! An entire year did not go to waste as one of the most anticipated rookies made their debut this week. Although “Hi High” is their official title track being promoted, I found myself drawn more to this song. The student look can appear gimmicky, but the girls bring a saucy vibe with their slick dance moves. I like the combination of their simple outfits with lively choreo.

Imfact‘s “Nanana”, Mnet M! Countdown, August 23, 2018

Speaking of intricate dancing, the subtlety in this choreography is something I really fancy. There’s also something nostalgic and addictive about the song. It reminds me of late ’90s/early ’00s EDM, bringing back plenty of good memories. The guys are quite smooth and clean in their delivery, which makes this performance an entertaining one.


DIA‘s “Woo Woo”, SBS Inkigayo, August 26, 2018

I absolutely adore the cat paws. Sometimes I find the addition of props to distract from the performance, but the paws enhanced the lighthearted nature of the song. The members look so cute dancing around with these large paws. I kind of wish they wore ears and tails as well, but that probably would’ve been overkill. Regardless, I want more groups using giant paws for their stages.

Seventeen‘s “Oh My!”, Mnet M! Countdown, August 23, 2018

Any time Seventeen enters the scene, you know you’re going to have a fabulous time. Sadly, I couldn’t attend this year’s KCON, but I’m glad the entire group was able to perform this year. Their tropical print clothing brightens the mood as the members joyfully put on a wonderful stage for fans. Thankfully, the audience shots weren’t too obnoxious, and there were even a couple of cute moments showing fans cheering and singing along.

(G)I-dle‘s “Hann”, Mnet M! Countdown, August 23, 2018

This is truly a goddess concept. From their white clothing to their wispy hair, everything about them feels ethereal. The ladies ooze charisma in spades, which is what makes them another rookie to watch in 2018. There is nothing to dislike about this comeback other than the fact that I’m not in South Korea to enjoy it live. Until they come overseas to perform, I’ll just have to settle for admiring them from behind a screen.

Readers, feel free to share your favorite stages from last week in the comments!

(YouTube [1][2], Image via Mnet)