Twins Jung Dae Ryong and Jung So Ryong have recently made their debut onto the idol scene with the self-ascribed title of ‘Asia’s No.1 Performance Duo’ Tasty and their infectious dance track “You Know Me.” Not too long ago, Paloma elucidated a bit on how Woollim Entertainment, Tasty’s label, has successfully furthered their endeavor to break onto the idol scene.

Woollim Entertainment was the former home to Epik High and is home to acts like Nell, Jisun, and Infinite. With the addition of the Tasty twins, Woollim has not only expanded their music roster but also matched their number of non-idol acts to their idol acts.

Tasty’s debut can best be described as sudden. There was little widespread knowledge of Woollim’s plans for the Jung twins until the unexpected announcement a few weeks back. And although Tasty seems slightly similar to JYP’s recent debut duo JJ Project, Tasty carries with them an energy and charisma all their own.


The music video kickstarts with a ying and yang feel with the black and white contrast to introduce Dae Ryong and So Ryong entities as their own personalities. But with a name like ‘Asia’s No.1 Performance Duo,’ I will say I thought the choreography was too simple. For such an electrifying song, with so many (maybe too many) layers of music, I expected at least some intense dance moves to match the tempo.

The color splash at the dub step was a cool way to both introduce color and the dance break, though I did think it came to prematurely in the construction of the song. Overall, however, I did appreciate the clean aesthetic–simple outfits, a balance of colors and light and dark. My one pet peeve though is when the back up dancers look too similar up against the artists, and that happens here. I think for the futuristic feel this MV had, the dancers should of worn full or even half masks to distinguish themselves from Tasty. Also, this would have been a great track to throw a story into, maybe create a humorous love triangle even. The boys are hot and they seem to know how to carry themselves, and I think could’ve done a great job with that kind of performance. But seeing as they kept it simply a performance MV for this performance duo, Woollim seems to be playing it safe because the Tasty debut was so sudden.

Delivery was pretty average. For such a high energy song, there was a lot less attitude and charisma than I thought there should be. The choreography, while simple, was still polished and the boys made it work so I’ll give them credit where credit is due. The boys’ vocals sound great but in my opinion there wasn’t enough lines in the song where they could really demonstrate that. Hopefully next time around their title track is a little less chorus and a little more Tasty.

Let’s be honest–there is no X-factor here, maybe other than the fact that the Tasty duo are twins. The MV was fairly standard in presentation and didn’t pique any sort of intellectual thought. Again, it would’ve been a fun song to make a story out of, but alas there was none.

Overall Rating: 2.67 out of 5

Okay, let’s hear it! What do you all think of Tasty? Do they look they like they’ve got the stuff to be Asia’s No.1 Performance Duo or are they just plain Janes?

(Woollim Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment)