A new year is upon us, which means we make back-and-forth chitchat on some of the last items from 2011 and on the first couple of items of 2012.

Patricia and I focused on the three channel Gayo shows which transitioned us nicely into the things we’re anticipating with 2012.

  • End of year Gayo Daejun shows (1:20)
  • Propagating Hallyu sentiments (4:46)
  • More Gayo talk (11:28)
  • We Got Married, and Leeteuk‘s participation as well as his K-pop idoldom (31:33)
  • What we want to see in K-pop in 2012, including better work from f(x) and SHINee (42:08)


Download the podcast here.

Yay to HaibaraChristie76 for getting all the songs correctly from last time. The songs shouldn’t be too bad this time, so give us your best guesses.

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