Another week is upon us! This is Seoulbeats’ weekly Sunday Social, your open forum for anything and everything.

To start things off:

  • It’s almost Thanksgiving! Who’s spending some quality time with their fam? Who’s thinking, “Screw family, Kpopmasters it is!”?
  • Speaking of Thanksgiving though, my I’m thankful for another year of shitty K-pop debuts. Our lives would be so boring without them. Et toi?
  • Lastly, How much of a dreamboat is Yoon Shi-yoon in the cracky Me Too, Flower!? Alright, so he looks like he’s 5, and you can’t be a 5 year-old dreamboat, but how cuuuuuuute is he?! He is horribly cast for the character he’s supposed to play, but he actually fits right in into the story had his character been written with a younger person in mind. Anyone watching this drama?