Have you ever found yourself bolting up straight out of bed to the blurred numbers on your cell phone coldly indicating that you’ve over slept? Have ever yanked a boarding pass out of a Check-in Agent’s hand, taken everything and everyone in your path as if you were a cyclone making its way through airport security? Has your carry-on treacherously hovered behind you only to thud to the ground once you’ve reached your gate with boarding pass in one hand, passport in the other, and an apologetic smile on your face as you huff and puff while an irritated flight attendant looks you over?

If you’ve answered no, then good for you. Yet, if punctuality is not in your repertoire, then nonchalantly arriving at your destination like a K-pop idol rather than someone who’s dressed in the dark couldn’t be simpler.

When opting for the casual look, keep comfort in mind as well as staying true to your typical approach to dressing. The point is to look stylish in an unpremeditated manner while reflecting your unique style. Although their outfits are similar, G.NA and (f)x’s Sulli portray their personal tastes through individual pieces like a graphic T-shirt or chic boot matched with black leggings and an olive green parka. Their point of fashion is balance throughout without any piece holding the overall focus.

The Parka

Black is always safe when choosing outerwear, but if you want a bit more color in your wardrobe during the dreary months of winter why not choose a colored parka like H&M’s ($69.95; available online and in stores), or Robein’s faux-fur trimmed jacket ($108.00; available at yesstyle.com). A dark neutral colored coat or jacket will allow you to stand out from the rest in a less overt manner than say red (if a red appeals to you, go for it). Dark neutral colors also go well with most winter garments like dark denim and black leggings. When choosing a parka, look for one that’s functional rather than just a fashion statement (for example, one that has pile lining protecting you from extreme cold). Also, keep in mind that the hood doesn’t impede your vision, and that it covers your head properly without compromise if you decide to wear your hair up. Comfort is always key especially when dressing for the elements.

The T-Shirt

It’s common sense that a graphic T-shirt is worn for leisure and comfort while also serving as a means of expression, therefore, reflect your unique style. Choose a T-shirt that says a bit about you without drawing too much attention from the overall look, or inspiring discomfort from you fellow passengers. In Sulli’s look, the red and white design brings enough interest to the shirt as would Fifth Sun’s Angry Birds Fighters black tee ($15.95; available at Zumiez and zumiez.com). The design, with its black skull and crossbones highlighted by a bold red, also brings a punk rocker feel as would kenzi w’s leopard print fleece pullover ($27.00; available at yesstyle.com in black, brown and ivory).

A white graphic T-shirt, resembling G.NA’s, will also keep the outfit looking casual without too much disruption. Select one that isn’t too elaborate; with a graphic that’s generally black like Uniqlo’s “A beauty for your eyes” MoMA x UT graphic T-shirt (19.90; available in stores and online) or True Love & False Idols’ Lifestyle T-shirt ($19.99; available at Zumiez and zumiez.com). Make good use of a quote printed T-shirt since they give more insight to who you are as an individual through words rather than a design

The Leggings

Parkas are made to cover your upper body, down to your knee or mid thigh, leaving the rest unsheilded from the bitter cold. With most leggings the risk of freezing your legs off whenever a cold wind blows by is unavoidable making dressing for winter climate even more limiting. This is no longer an issue with Uniqlo’s HEATTECH tights ($12.90; available online and instores). Made of a unique fabric which both retains and generates heat they’ll keep you legs and feet toasty warm whether onboard, or on you walk to the car through the terminal parking lot. If your more comfortable in jeans choose a pair like Uniqlo’s skinny fit tapered jeans ($49.90; available online and instores) which you can wear with a heel, sneaker or boot. Overweight baggage fees and carry-on restrications force passengers to pack smart and light so it’s best to choose bottoms that cover almost any style

The Boots

Now, the boot serves the same function as both the graphic T-shirt and parka. By choosing a brown or tan colored boot like G.NA’s or Sulli’s, you’ll be creating just enough focus to tie in with the dark neutral green of the coat. If comfort is your main concern than I would recommend a pair resembling UGG’s Maylin boot ($250.00; available at UGG.com and select retail stores) which is lined with Twinface sheepskin, has a cushiony reflective insole, and an EVA molded outsole for optimal traction. If you prefer a casual look that’s a bit more chic, than a knee high boot with a low wedged heel like Blowfish’s Brandi boot ($79.95; exclusively at DSW.com) would do the trick without drastically slowing you down while running with your carry-on.

The casual look is about overall balance and making a stylish statement in an unpremeditated manner therefore any accessories should reflect that. Whether you choose a beanie, a scarf, a pair of earmuffs, or sunnies to conceal your bare face, keep all aspects of the outfit in equilibrium with each other and make almost missing your flight into a tall tale.

Look out for tomorrow’s Airport Fashion Look Book: Comfy Cute!