Is it just me or is it very common to spot awkward moments in K-pop?  And this week is no exception, let’s take a look.

Case #1: SHINee

The awkward moment when you look as real as claymation figures. Taemin and Minho what happened?!? I don’t know what SM has been doing with Shinee lately but they need to seriously hurry up and make a comeback. It’s been like nine and a half years in idol years and there return is nowhere in sight. It will be really unfortunate if their company releases another group and they overshadow Shinee because Shinee is way too talented. But until we hear word of an impending comeback we are stuck with this. SMH

Case # 2: Wonder Moms

The awkward moment when a bunch of moms danced to “Be My Baby” better than I ever could. These are all moms from a famous dance school in Korea. They dance better than most people half their age. Skeptical me watched this video expecting someone to misstep but it never came. These ladies are fierce. Go ajummas!

Case # 3:Chocolat

This interview has all sorts of awkward moments and pauses. These were my favorite parts though:

  • I love when the reporter asks if Chocolat stands for Chocolate. My thoughts: Naw, it stands for vanilla. Later she points everyone to the screen in anticipation of their debut music video but random snapshots and video of the members show up.
  • When the reporter asked how living together was a pause ensued and then an awkward reply came where it seemed liked the girls were forced to give a response against their will. The reporter then asked who snores and the girls were reluctant to say but Julianne definitely looked towards Melanie’s direction.
  • When the girls were told to show off their talent, Julianne starts singing and then says Yeah. (don’t know why that made me laugh so hard). Then maknae sings a Park Bom cover and completely owns her (surprised that Melanie has a voice). Then Tia, oh Tia, decides to awkwardly dance instead of sing.  So I assume she can’t sing…
  • Later while watching covers of their song Melanie says” How did she get my clothes?” To which the reporter says, “Did you design it?” Then Melanie mindlessly says “Yeah.” The other girls then turn to her quickly and try to do damage control by refuting the claim.
  • In the end Tia, oh Tia, concludes the interview with “There’s so many twits coming to us.”

Besides the fact that Melanie couldn’t stop sticking out her tongue throughout the whole interview I found her overall adorable. It’s sad I didn’t know any of the girls’ names before this except Tia’s.

Have you stumbled upon any other awkward moments in K-pop recently? Let us know!