Welcome to another week of the Sunday Social — your forum to discuss anything you want (which can be related or unrelated to K-pop).

To start things off…

  • How embarrassed am I to admit that I have been rocking out to Wonder Girls’ “Me, In” and Super Junior’s “Superman” all week — I’d like to think that such irrational behavior was caused by stress
  • I wonder how YG is celebrating all their wins from the past week — do you think they will have a nice catered cocktail party or do you think they will rent out a club and party until 5 AM?  I’ll take a wild guess and say probably the latter
  • To make my lazy self feel better, I went on a shopping spree — that counts as cardio right?  And I think I discovered a new skin regimen…well, let’s wait until next month to see if this sticks.  On that note, anybody want to share their skin regimen?
What have you been up to this week?  We invite you to share your deep, dark or whimsical secrets!