What’s popping, Seoulbeaters? Another crazy week in K-pop this week, and a crazy week in general in the world, ain’t it? The Sunday Social is your open forum to talk about anything, so get on it!

As per usual, I’ll start:

  • How’s that 5 membered version of “Maximum” treating y’all? As a DBSK fan who severely misses their five voices in one song, I almost teared, guys. Maybe that should’ve gone in our K-pop confessions roundtable. No shame, no shame.
  • I am seriously crushing on Harry Shum Jr. right now. I hate Glee with a fiery passion, but boy, you so fine
  • I marathoned 2 full seasons of The Good Wife and am currently all caught up for a new episode airing tonight. This calls for a nice healthy dose of “FML.”

And you?

(Image from Tumblr)