If you’ve been keeping up with KBS’ Oh My School/100 out of 100, you’d recognize former H.O.T. member Tony An as an MC of the show and actress Shin So-yul (of Jungle Fish 2 fame) as a show regular.

Beginning from next week, the two will be the new hosts of M!Countdown, which, for those of us stateside, is quite possibly the show aired at the most inconvenient time known to man. As much as I love me some Tony An, I have classes on Friday mornings, and I’m not going to be up at 4am watching something that I can catch on another network on the weekend. *Kanye shrug*

For those who are less finicky than me, the two will appear on the March 10th broadcast of M!Countdown. Tony An announced his new gig via Twitter on March 4th. It is said that this hosting gig is his next effort to reestablish his position as an entertainer and an MC in the business after his two-year military leave.

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