This past week we said goodbye to June and  welcomed July and our K-pop loving independence.  What exactly was going on in K-pop last week? Up-and-coming K-indie artists, The Koxx, releases their new album bon voyage, international fans were able to watch Mnet’s 20’s Choice live on Mnet’s YouTube channel, Psy released “Korea” the fight song for the Korean Olympic contingent at the London 2012 Summer Olympics, Jo Kwon performed in 19.5 cm heels for his live performance of “Animal” on Music Core, 015B released “Let Me Go,” CHI CHI released “Love is Energy,” 4Men sing for the Gaksital OSTKim Jin-pyo sang “Sorry, I’m Sorry” with G.Na., and the F44 of A Gentleman’s Dignity get handed some stark reality after trying to take on some young bucks in a pick-up game.  Getting older really does suck sometimes.


If you’re not up-to-date on your K-pop addictions turn back now, because spoilers most definitely will ensue. These are the 5 Things that happened in K-pop last week that I think was a little more ‘special’ than the rest.  


5.  Need a Drink?

On the last episode of Star King, Murata Yuta wowed the cast an audience with his wine glass playing skills.  KARA‘s “Mister” on wine glasses?  I’m impressed.



4. Can’t Help Falling in Love with This

Loved this performance of Elvis Presley‘s legendary hit “Can’t Halp”Falling in Love” by Tony An and his partner Bae So-young on Dancing with the Stars Korea 2.  Tony has really stepped up his performances in the past couple of weeks.  Extra points for the awesome costume change.



3. So this is what boys do at a Slumber Party

Shinhwa really are the Kings of Variety for K-pop idols, if you weren’t already a fan–you probably will be after watching a couple of episodes of Shinhwa Broadcast. There still on their MT (Member Training), and we get to see them in dance-offs, pillow fights, and farting contests….eeew.


2. So, how are your Breasts? 

Say, what? On episode 9 of the K-drama, I Do, I Do, Eun-sung has set himself up to be Ji-an‘s OBGYN (so weird), and proceeds to sk her questions about her health in the cafe where they meet since she’s so hard to get an appointment with.  He goes on to tell her that she should change undergarments, like her bra for obvious reasons, and that if her breasts start to hurt she should massage them like… so.  No words.  Just barely losing to this was Tae-kang going the extra step, literally, for the research assignment that Ji-an gives to him.



1. Sistar’s Loving U

Sistar‘s new Summer Special Album featuring the song “Loving U” is the perfect soundtrack for summer.  The song is a nice change of pace for the girls–more upbeat, cheerful and flirty, than overtly sexual.  The MV looks wonderful shot at various location on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and the girls look like they are thoroughly enjoying their short vacation while on shoot.



Those were the 5 Things I LOVED in K-pop last week, were they yours?

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