2020 is not pulling any punches. First the wildfires in Australia, then Covid-19, and now the Black Lives Matter protests and ensuing police violence. This half-year feels like it has lasted for a decade, and the fear, rage, disgust, and uncertainty have congealed into a malaise that is best described as “current world AAAAAH “. The 2020 burnout is beyond real.

So much has been coming so fast, from every direction, that I want nothing more than to sleep for the next week or maybe decade. But that isn’t a viable option and as we try to keep calm and carry on, it’s important to remember to take some time for yourself. My preferred method of self-care is to dance; to lose myself for a short time in music that cannot help but sweep me away. Thus, this playlist of the songs that, when combined with a dark room, can help excise whatever darkness is gathering in your mind, if only for a short while.