Since the release of their latest mini-album, Big Bang has been showing their prowess as one of Korea’s most popular boy bands. In just 7 days, the boys not only achieved an “all-kill” on Korea’s top online charts, but also swept in an astonishing figure of 7 billion won in sales (about $6.2 million USD). This is a pretty remarkable feat, since album sales in Korea are usually lower than elsewhere due to the saturated music market and the easy access to illegal downloading.

But wait- the good news doesn’t just stop there.  The group managed to claw their way onto the US Billboard charts which many regard as THE music chart that counts the most.  Big Bang’s EP Tonight ranked at #7 on the Heatseekers Album Chart, #29 on Billboard’s World Album Chart, and best of all, clinched the 3rd spot on Billboard’s World Album Chart. It’s definitely a pleasant surprise because Big Bang hasn’t promoted in the States at all!


Hopefully, this is a sign that the K-pop wave is really spreading like wildfire across the globe. When it comes to music, maybe geographical borders and cultural differences don’t mean a thing at all. We just have to keep an open mind and appreciate this universal language for what it is!

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