Today’s Seoulbeats’ Tweet of the Day is for all you lettuce lovers out there. Mister abs of steel himself, Sangchu from hip hop duo Mighty Mouth has got a Twitter account. He uploaded a few pics from the gym, check it out here.


Work out brothaz! 종국형 미안.. (Sorry Jong Kook hyung…) ㅋㅋ Mr. Secret behind us ㅋ

And then he tweeted,

Bonus ㅋㅋㅋ

We all know that Sangchu is a close dongsaeng of Jong Kook, especially after revealing some hilarious stories about Jong Kook on a past episode of Strong Heart. Looks like the boys had an intense workout by the way Jong Kook is wolfing down his food. Hmm, I wonder who Mr. Secret is?