Follow your favorite idol or actor long enough and the question “what is your ideal type?” is bound to come up. And no matter how much you deny it, who hasn’t secretly thought “Hell yeah, my chances just went from 0 to .00000002%!!”? After all, they have to marry somebody eventually.

But before you start picking out that wedding dress, here’s a bite of some of the most successful guys riding the Hallyu wave. Could you be their Miss Right?

20141123_seoulbeats_jonghyunClassic Casanovas

Classic Casanovas stick to the tried and true ideal traits when choosing their girl. After all, why try to fix something that isn’t broken? For Big Bang’s Seungri it’s all about the aegyo, and lots of it. A cute voice makes him swoon and be sure to use that voice on the phone. Keep your dancing skills top notch and make sure to always look your best; Seungri admits that he looks at a girl’s physical appearance a lot.

Jong-hyun from Shinee is also looking for a cute and charming girl.Catch his eye with a clever and lively personality, and then reel him in by working your flirty side. A ddeokbokki-like nose paired with rosy chubby cheeks are sure to win him over.

For CNBLUE’s Yong-hwa nothing beats the classic feminine and innocent girl. Honesty along with long wavy hair will make his heart yours. Ideally his girl should be tall enough to reach just above his shoulders, but no matter what your height you need to know how to take care of yourself.

Two-for-one dealers20120417_seoulbeats_gongyoo

Instead of choosing one characteristic or its opposite, two-for-one dealers want the best of both worlds. Both Rome and Kang-jun of C-Clown want a girl that’s both cute and sexy. They didn’t elaborate how a girl could be both simultaneously, but I’m guessing it’s something like the “cute” concepts we see in music videos (which are really just sexy concepts only with pastels and pigtails).

Gong Yoo (Dogani, Coffee Prince) is looking for a feminine, yet tomboyish woman. Kick your high heels to the curb as he prefers a woman in flat shoes. Gong Yoo’s girl needs to be friendly, but not so friendly that she’s a pushover. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind because he also appreciates a straight-forward personality.

It’s the Little Things She Does-ers

20141123_seoulbeats_minhoIt’s easy to fall in love with someone when she cooks like Rachael Ray or dances like BoA, but some men focus on the simple things. Shinee’s Minho is proof that it’s not what you have, but what you do with it. He’s a fan of the little things and adores looking at long, graceful hair casually being tucked behind an ear while working hard at something. And try to break eye contact every now and then because he loves looking at a girl’s profile.

Minho must have talked with Exo K’s Suho because oddly enough he has the same fantasy. He’d love to see his girl sitting in front of a window reading, then tucking her long hair behind her ear. But if you want to keep the romance alive, make sure the book isn’t a manga.

You Like My What?!-ers

A pretty smile, long and wavy hair, or beautiful eyes are too ordinary for these men. They zero in on things you might never have thought of before. B.A.P.’s Dae-hyun is interested in a girl with pretty hands. They must be long with a healthy complexion. The owner of said lady-like hands must also be warm-hearted and graceful.

20110911_seoulbeats_taeminSuper Junior’s Kangin is well-known for his love of feet. His penchant for the humble pied has never faltered over the years. If you possess the cute feet Kangin adores, be prepared to go to a lot of restaurants where shoes must be taken off (and also plenty of sandals as gifts). MBLAQ’s Mir also shares Kangin’s appreciation for feet. He looks for clean and straight toes, but don’t forget your armpits ladies because he also checks those. Mir’s ideal lady needs to be understanding and take care of him.

Men often choose facial features when talking about an ideal type, so do you have a sexy and fabulous….philtrum? This small groove above the upper lip is one thing Shinee’s Taemin checks out. He wants a girl who has the same square-shaped philtrum he has, couple philtrums if you will. You must also be consistent and honest from the start; he doesn’t like phonies.


Padawans want not only a partner, but someone who can teach them more about life. They respect a woman who can understand them and make them into better men. Although he has a fierce expression, Kim Woo-bin (Heirs, School 2013) is an affectionate and tender boyfriend. His girl needs to have a lot of life experience that he can learn from. Leave the glitz and glam at home and put on the t-shirt and jeans; he prefers a simple, modest, and casual style.

20141123_seoulbeats_kimwoobinBig Bang members Taeyang and T.O.P. both want someone they can learn from. In addition to a wise girl, Taeyang wants an understanding girl who will push him to work harder to achieve greater things. And if you have Western features you’re already ahead of the game!

T.O.P. doesn’t have a specific ideal, but he wants someone who’s his equal. Love him with all your heart, however don’t idealize him; he wants a realistic woman. He likes being a follower and wants someone who can take him down positive paths. But don’t be a dictator because he wants to lead a little too. Impress him by being respectful and polite with adults. Don’t expect a ring any time soon though, T.O.P. wants to marry late.

Chubby Hubbies20141123_seoulbeats_choijinhyuk

Our slim and splendid sisters get a lot of attention in the mainstream, but make no mistake our charming and chubby sisters have their fair share of admirers. The media doesn’t recognize the beauty of different shapes and sizes, but that hasn’t stopped these chubby hubbies from doing so. Heirs heartthrob Choi Jin-hyuk prefers chubby women over thin girls. Captivate him by being chic and sharp in front of others, but cute and lovely in private. Just don’t expect him to go shopping with you; he only buys what he needs and hates lollygagging in department stores.

Running Man’s resident Spartan Kim Jong-gook also wants a girl who isn’t skinny. Ideally his girl should be slightly shorter than him at 165 cm and have a round face. Big eyes are also a plus since Jong-gook has small ones. You should also be ready to hit the gym with him and lead a very healthy lifestyle.

A little belly fat is all Joo Won (Tomorrow’s Cantabile) needs to be happy. Be prepared for morning kisses and some playful tummy tugging as an expression of his affection. He fantasizes about having a more traditional marriage, so brush up on your cooking skills!

20141123_seoulbeats_wheesungPower vocalist Wheesung likes chubby girls with a little belly fat and a cute, chubby chin. Unfortunately this hasn’t always worked out for him; when he confessed to an ex-girlfriend that her adorable double chin drove him crazy, she felt hurt. But Wheesung isn’t superficial; since getting back from military service he’s realized that all he wants is a woman who will hold him tight and be his rock when he’s in inner turmoil.

Puzzle Piece-ers

While some dream of the perfect s-line or killer aegyo, other men are simply searching for the woman who will be their matching puzzle piece. It’s no surprise that a lot of these men are veteran celebrities who have probably met a lot of women with ulterior motives. Big Bang’s Daesung is looking for a lady sporting a beautiful smile who can be his support system and give him strength when times are tough. The idol life is hectic, so you should be understanding about his career. Fellow bandmate G-Dragon admits that he used to be very detailed about his ideal type, but nowadays he just wants a genuine girl who’s comfortable to hang out with.20141122_seoulbeats_leeminho

Lee Minho (Boys Over Flowers, Heirs) needs a compatible, cheerful, and caring girl who will make him feel better if he’s tired or upset. But don’t be a selfless saint; you need to cherish and understand yourself too so that your self-confidence can be felt wherever you go.

White Knights

White knights are an interesting bunch who often have idealistic ideas about love. If you’re looking for romance, look no further than Super Junior’s Donghae. He’ll surprise you with events and contact you to make sure you get home safely. You should dazzle him with your cooking skills, but you can also look forward to waking up to breakfast in bed. Like a scene straight out of a drama, Donghae wants to walk down the streets with each of you wearing an earbud from the MP3 player. His ideal type is dignified and innocent with a hint of sexy.

20141123_seoulbeats_yonggukBut the grand prize for white knights has to go to B.A.P.’s Yong-guk who cherishes morality above all else, including beauty. His number one wish is for an ethical woman who enjoys doing charity. This makes sense given that Yong-guk is very charity-oriented himself. His good deeds include being an active member of World Vision, Save the Children, and Unicef and donating dolls that were gifts from fans to a disabled children’s home for children’s day (but not before asking permission from his fans in a heartfelt fan cafe post, of course). He also prefers a warm-hearted, feminine woman who can rock it without makeup.

This list could go on forever, but we’ll unfortunately have to stop here for now. As long as there are handsome idols and actors we fans will wonder what their ideal type is. And even though we have a better chance of getting eaten by sharks or becoming the next president of South Korea, a girl can dream, can’t she?

So readers, were you surprised by anyone on the list? Which group do you think your bias fits in? Or is he in a group all his own?

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