The members of 2PM have only just completed their first solo concert “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” and have already come under criticism.

2PM, or rather their management company JYPE, are being criticized for putting on a show that was supposedly too sexual for their young audience. The concert rating was 8+ (ages 8 and up) meaning there were lots of children in attendance, many with their parents (awkward). Whether the sexual situations were merely created for press attention or to simply get a few screams from the crowd, it seems that Korean idols/their companies just can’t seem to please the censors.

IMO: I’m sure if JYP had asked for a higher age rating this would not be an issue. Maybe the company felt that with all the recent scandal and anti fan growth they wouldn’t fill as many seats if they only allowed 2PM’s older (middle school +) fans to attend.

credit: soompi, Haracejunho, milxhake