• indenial

    Can I just agree with what you said?

    For their next comeback I would like a more sophisticated concept with a harder choreo than beautiful night. I missed their soom and shock era where they have such awesome choreo ;___;

  • shannie4888

    I approve of this article on so many levels. I love BEAST. They’re like my ultimate bias group. I never really liked them for looks. It’s always been about their music. I’ve loved most of their releases, even their debut song.

    I hope that CUBE will stir them in the right direction for their comeback and I have a strong feeling that they will. Their excellent management of the group has been what skyrocketed them to fame in a relatively short amount of time. MBLAQ aren’t even really considered their rivals anymore. BEAST has superseded everyone’s expectations because they’re good where it counts: the music.

    I hope the next album will be a step up from “Fiction and Fact.” I’d know that they’re truly setting a gold standard in K-pop to cement their status as the little boy band that could and did.

    • catherine19

      I agree. There are a lot of fans who stan groups for their looks (no matter how hard they try to deny it) but I definitely started listening to Beast solely for their music. Fiction was what drew me in at first, but once I listened to their Fiction and Fact album, I was hooked. I appreciate how much the quality of their music has improved since their debut era, and how consistent they are with the quality of their releases with each comeback. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve all dabbled in composing and lyric-writing as well. With Junhyung producing all of the songs on their next album (or so I’ve heard) I’m a bit hesitant, but I’m sure that even if their album doesn’t live up to expectations set by Fiction and Fact, they’ll keep on improving and learning, like they’ve done since their debut.

      • Risa Sinn

        But hey, junhyung came a long way from Freeze. If the songs are of the same quality as Black Paradise and Will You Be Alright then it’ll be fun. The important thing is that the members seem to like the music they produce and get to choose the single they promote.That’s what made BN promotions fun – the audience was disappointed but the boys loved performing that song.

        • catherine19

          I agree. I guess I was judging from Yoseob’s solo album, since Junhyung helped produce more than half of it. Some of the tracks were a bit …. lackluster? But I guess he learned from it, since Will You Be Alright is really good.

  • Nicey Monteclaro

    this was a good article…
    beast had enough experience when they started from each of their failures and the determination to succeed when they were given a 2nd chance…
    and i can’t deny that it’s one of the reasons i love them… they are like an inspiration to people who want to achieve something and that one failure doesn’t mean you can’t try again…

  • shikarie02

    I don’t agree that Yoseob’s solo was lackluster. It displayed maturity and a voice his peers cannot hope to imitate. He grew musically and it was a smart choice because it displayed the vocal range he has. It was an astute acknowledgment of how Korea loves its ballads. I always felt like the odd duckling out there was “Look At Me Now”. Not everyone can do those smoky coffee shop-jazz type of songs and he pulled it off perfectly.

    As for this article, I highly agree. People don’t give enough credit to Beast until they read something like this. And I don’t like folks pitting MBLAQ and them against each other. They’re very different groups visually, musically…

    • beast4foreverandever

      The First collage means a variety of song :D thats why Look At me Now is in it :D

    • ha thu

      Agree. The first collage is not that bad. I know not many int’l fans love it because they expect something more powerful and special from Yoseob given the fact that he’s an amazing vocalist. But Korean seems to love it and it charted well for so long. The physical sales of the First collage is lower than Sunggyu mostly because int’l fans don’t buy it but the digital sales of Caffeine is three/four times better Sunggyu’s main title track

  • Guest

    Thank you so much for this article as it took the words out of my mouth.

    It was hard, being a B2UTY at first. Being a newbie to k-pop, I had no idea what to expect, but it didn’t take me long to realize that Beast had a lot of history. It saddened me to see what Beast had to go through before their debut: Doojoon being eliminated from Hot Blood, Junhyung and Xing, Yoseob being kicked out of JYP, Kikwang and his solo career, and most saddening, Hyunseung and his elimination from Big Bang.

    But there have been a lot of ups as well. Seeing them win their first music show program, watching them get their first triple crown, winning Daesangs for Fiction and Fact; the list goes on and on. I think this is why, as you mentioned, a lot of people are attracted to Beast: they literally worked from the bottom up, ignoring the haters, proving themselves with every comeback, and showing tremendous growth (especially Dongwoon, who has improved substantially since their debut).

    Also, I think this growth is one of the reasons why they stand out. I’m not saying that these specific people didn’t work hard, because I’m sure they did, but nowadays, certain groups can debut with an already-done concept and still sell hundreds of thousands of albums just because they have a hard-core fan-base built for them pre-debut. But Beast has my total respect, as they had to work from the ground up, gain fans solely through their music and personalities, and therefore gain the success they deserve. Not only that, but they are continuously involved in the composition of their albums, and release great-quality music every single time. Overall, I’m greatly looking forward to their come-back in July.

    • beast4foreverandever

      hyunseung has the one who left bigbang :D and btw there up coming comeback in july will be a big hit :D

      PS: I can see the future ….:D

      • maldita

        Hyunseung didn’t leave Big Bang. He was kicked out. The last spot was down to either Hyunseung and Seungri, and Seungri was originally kicked out. Then Seungri ended up begging YG to give him another chance, and in the end, Hyunseung was the one who was kicked out of the group.

        • mm

          nope. both of them were not selected on the first round. on second chance auditions, only Seungri selected. watch the documentary.


    i love you.

  • Shyyrn

    I credit ‘Breathe’ as the first song that really made me take K-Pop seriously… not just a pageant show of recycled songs and pretty faces, but performance spectacles that actual people put real effort and work into. So, thank you, B2ST. Fighting!

  • Shyyrn

    Though this might run contrary to many others’ opinions… I really enjoyed ‘Beautiful Night.’ 8P It was an anthemic, electrifying, pulsating club song, and after the pathos of ‘Fiction’ and ‘I Knew It,’ it was exactly what B2ST needed to release!

    • Nicey Monteclaro

      i loved beautiful night too! altho it took me a while to digest that kind of genre coming from beast.. it’s not like i didn’t like the song, it was knowing that beast released something like it w/c i didnt expect… it somehow reminded me of how i loved we found love and domino… its something that makes you jump up and down if you listen to it and just have fun at night driving around with ur friends… that type of music…

    • shannie4888

      I loved “Beautiful Night” as well. It was so different from “Fiction” so it just threw people off, but I absolutely adored it. Also, the album was great, so that made me love it even more. I had “Dream Girl” on repeat forever.

      “Beautiful Night” appealed to me because I’ve always loved upbeat, K-popping, fun, let-loose, exuberant BEAST. It suits them just as well as melancholic, blue, somber BEAST. They have so much range musically because they can go from the intensity of “Breathe” to bubbly “Beautiful” to sad “Fiction.” Not a lot of bands can pull off everything so well, so I just appreciate how expertly the versatility is executed.

      I miss them bad. I guess I’ll be twiddling my thumbs until July….*sighs*

    • pumpkin_spice

      whenever Beautiful Night comes on I burst out into spontaneous dance. No joke.

  • mangochic

    The blackface incident still leaves a sour taste in my mouth

    • shikarie02

      Of course, it’s your prerogative but I wouldn’t really blame Beast as a whole? What racist Korean channels makes literally unsuspecting idols do on their shows is beyond these boys’ control.

      If you want to side-eye Kikwang forever tho, that’s really understandable because the very visual of him doing it took me a while even as a fan to accept. It was horrendous, nobody will deny it.

    • Risa Sinn

      That happened more than 3 years ago. I don’t want to seem insensitive, but isn’t it about time you moved on?

      • Gaya_SB


      • mangochic

        Well that is very insensitive and you have no right to tell me how to feel or think or when to move on. Well if you are fine with people using black face which reduces a minority into a caricature to point, laugh and make fun of that’s your choice. I’m bothered by his actions.

  • reekayui

    Because of B2ST, I came in this world (K-pop world)..Forever B2UTIES!

  • Nicey Monteclaro

    it was 2ne1 and wondergirls that made me aware of kpop (nobody, fire and i dont care… anybody?) that was in 2009 and i forgot it soon afterwards…
    fast forward to december 2010… christmas vacation and got into this online game w/c had lots of kpop songs in it… then i heard shock a few times… i loved the song so much and made me go to youtube to check who sang it and the mv… it was amazing! i started watching beast’ other mvs (tho bad girl was the only mv that disappointed me) and i was on a roll… watched live perfs, b2st documentary and idol maid… since then i was a legit kpop fan…

    Beast thank you so much! so im really proud that i found this group because of their music, like them for constantly releasing good songs, became a b2uty because they were such an inspiration and i can’t see myself leaving this b2uty fandom in the next 20 yrs…

  • Katrina

    This is a long article but I didn’t regret that I read it. It’s a touching story about B2ST and like them, it made B2UTIES stronger too. It’s just that this bond is really a great one. And I’m proud to be a B2UTY, a fan of these 6 boys who became a men. “It’s time to bring the Beast back.” Yes, it’s time to bring back our boys. B2ST we will love you forever. Thank You for Existing.

  • Katrina

    For some, It’s really offensive, I know. But it’s somehow not their fault. They were just trying to appear on shows and do their best. I think it’s on the script though. But, I think they felt bad about those people too. We should just learn to let go of the past.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    A key point to note is they also managed to amass an enormous dedicated fanbase in Beautys…I think they are the number three Daum cafe behind DBSK and Big Bang (SNSD dropped to four because they used to be three)

  • Sassychan808

    I guess if you base his solo success on sales only, he sold a lot less than say, Sunggyu from infinite. And even Sunggyu’s solo was considered a failure! *I don’t agree at all…it’s just what K-netizens and some K-variety shows have said*

    Yoseob’s song and MV are great. He won multiple ranking show awards and gave solid performances. As a fan I was quite proud :).

  • Jay Wong

    Beast is my no.2 after DBSK. like some of u have mentioned, it definitely wasn’t their looks that made me a fan. It was their vocals and their excellent repertoire of songs. Also their ability to own the stage when they’re performing. Not many ‘rookies’ possessed the effortlessness that Beast showed even in their earlier days. I cannot wait to hear what they have to offer… junhyung’s compositions have mostly been very palatable for my taste.

  • ha thu

    Thank you Seoulbeats’ writer. Seoulbeats is the only place that truly acknowledges Beast’s hardwork and talents. I used to hang out at Allkpop forums but most people there underestimate Beast. In their eyes, there’re only groups from the so-called Big 3 deserve to be popular.
    Btw, I can’t wait for the new Beast album

  • Risa Sinn

    “[They reached the top] by releasing good songs, then topping those songs with better ones, effectively making them the group to rely on for quality K-pop.”

    Really – this is just it. Yes I am a biased B2uty, but producing quality music should be the number 1 thing. Looks? Oh please. I’ve been in kpop for too long to have my heart moved by some pretty boy. Dance? Dance is great to look at and beast is definitely a great dance group, but the public won’t buy it…Singing talent? Yes, talent is very much necessary but too often I see a mad talented group (i.e. C-real, She’z, etc.) get ignored because they produce poor music. People will look at them and say “what a pity, they so are talented” but they’ll never become a fan.
    And while I’m at it QQing over my favorite group, I’d just like to say that despite certain controversies, fans still love and respect them. Why? Because they are one of the few groups that still give off a genuine feel on and off stage. They don’t do much fanservice, they don’t shove themselves obnoxiously in your face on variety, and they never look like they’re overly forcing themselves to be funny. Sure other groups may make you laugh more, but I feel I can ‘trust’ Beast even if I never met them personally.

    • Nicey Monteclaro

      well said… it seems beast as a group and individually wants to be taken seriously as artists… they only do variety during their promotional period because it’s necessary.

      When i see the members interacting, I can sense a genuine bond of brotherhood between them which certainly became stronger because of the similar things they went through before and all the success they’ve achieved so far because of this teamwork.

      I thank Cube for giving these individuals another chance and that their individual talents were recognized amidst their superficial flaws…

  • Lavlavs

    Beast was one of the first groups I really got into and it was solely because of their music. Even now I can’t tell the members apart, save Yoseob because his recognizable baby face, because I never cared about their looks or anything; it was all about the music.

    And I think Fact or Fiction was a wonderful album but for me, Midnight Sun was my favorite album (and one of the best mini-albums of last year) precisely because it experimented with different styles. They were able to blend different styles with K-pop and come up with something original that still retained it’s flavor of “K-pop.” I really wish more groups would do this because that album was GOOD music.

  • Jenny

    i think the main thing that made b2st into one of the biggest artist, is their continuing improvement on their music. there is usually a decline once an artist hit their climax, but for b2st, after fiction and fact, it doesn’t seem to stop. yes, midnight sun might not be as good as fiction and fact, but i love the different genres that they did, and they did it well!

    i have not met an artist that just continues to surprise me with their music quality. if anything, their music does not disappoint and it keeps me being their fan

  • toodooloo

    I became a fan of B2ST with this: /watch?v=Dea7zBeP1QI this: /watch?v=SM6ssKlp-lU this: /watch?v=xKLUcMXYnfc and finally this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4etnCoLC08k That ballad performance completely won me over because I didn’t like any of of their previous songs that they released since they were too childish for me, but when knowing they’re a dance group and to be able to sing a ballad THAT good, especially when they were still rookies, I just had to give them a chance. Not only were they great dancers but they were vocally talented too. CUBE did the right thing to showcase their vocals with ballads because that’s how I became their fan. My love for them grew even more when Fiction and Fact was released, that’s when my heart exploded and it sealed the deal for me, I was going to love these guys forever. I haven’t loved a group this much since my early TVXQ days and that really says a lot.

  • hopooiyee

    I totally agree with you. At that time, being a b2uty is hard as people hardly recognise them because at that time, the most popular groups around my group of friends are SUJU and SNSD. I still proudly told my friends about them. I introduce them as my friends instead of idol as they have accompany me through those of my hard time in life. The common thing that both me and the share is failure in achieving dream from the beginning. Hence, I look at them as inspired friends instead of idols. I know they can do lots more and it’s worth to see them growing slowly to the international level ^^.

  • disqus_QAxFaUECSu

    Miyoko, thank you for writing this article.

    Rather than mentioning B2ST, like I would love to, but I would like to point out how well-written this article is.

    I might have been reading from a bias(B2UTY) point of view, but I can tell you are writing it objectively. Which I find hard to do.
    I can tell you have knowledge of their history of B2ST and Cube, and not because you read up on it somewhere, but you actually do follow this group.

    You have valid points on there success (which I agree) and you are informative, especially on the fact that you release a digital single before they make a comeback. ( I didn’t realized that, but if I had to think about it, it totally makes sense)

    But I would like to say that although Cube is smart to focus on B2ST’s vocal, but I believe it’s possible *because* of the members. I’m not so sure that any other group can suddenly come out and focus on the member’s vocals. Even labelmates 4minutes cannot release a ballad single anywhere near B2ST’s quality.

    Thanks again for writing an article like this, maybe more people will become B2UTYs