There are a thousand ways to deal with emotions, particularly the bad ones. Sometimes you cry until you’re dehydrated, and sometimes you get out onto the dance floor and try your damndest to get into a less depressing headspace. Of course, there are occasions that when faced with picking a coping mechanism, you opt for “both is good” and end up dancing your ass off and sobbing your heart out simultaneously.

I rather enjoy crying in the club. The mixing of physical expression and emotional release tends to do the job better than just one, as well as allowing yourself to spring back and forth along the emotional spectrum with relative convenience. Plus, I really love moody dance music. I can get behind a good dance floor anthem, but a bitter edge or melancholy tinge just makes them better. This mix has a smattering of some my favorite tracks for when I need to wallow and forget at the same time.

Do you have any tracks that make you move and cry? Leave them in the comments!