• http://twitter.com/superwoman5060 Hannah

    is there an equivalent of this website for jpop? 

    • http://profiles.google.com/gustave154 AKMAL DHABITAH

      i wish there was… i love jpop and kpop…
      btw you forgot mc mong in 1N2D…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    It’s good to have Kang Hodong coming back. Sure, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea MC-wise, but he is a good MC, just a different style from the equally (or just a teensy bit more) popular Yoo Jaesuk. Strong Heart and Knee-Drop Guru suffered greatly from losing him, and Star King is just not the same without him, so I’m glad he at least gets to return to that show.

  • http://twitter.com/sebsobandsky Sabah

    Kang Ho Dong ssi is wonderful. I really enjoy his brand of silly humour that can actually be really sharp.  He’s always the first to point out anyone’s insincerity.  I remember when Choi min Soo was on Strong Heart a while back and he recounted how he had initially chastised Kang Ho Dong for taking on this comedic persona after gaining dignity through proficiency in wrestling; it wasn’t befitting nor honourable. However he continued how that he gained so much success that really it proved that Kang Ho Dong was more correct in his opinion.

    That is how I feel. His funny persona is just part of a whole character that he exaggerated for entertainment. It’s a shame that when the scandal broke people just treated him like this ‘little kid’ that needed a time out when they should have listened to him as an adult.

    I am looking forward to his return and though I know he must have changed, I hope he isn’t the less for it.  Wishing him better success. 

  • black_rose45000

    I’m actually really glad. Boom’s been going down and I refuse to consider Leeteuk a worthy MC anyway so Star King wouldn’t have been the same without Kang HoDong. I wonder how Strong Heart is doing nowadays, I love Shin Dong Yup best but I can’t help wishing SH went back to its original MCs. Either way, I appreciate Kang MC for what he’s done in the variety shows’ world and I’m glad he’s back.