Happy Independence Day to all our American readers (and a belated Canada Day to our Canadian readers too)! Every year, July 4th is a good reminder that a good six months of the year are gone, so with that reminder, we’d like to take a break to do a wrap-up of the first half of the year in K-pop.

Starting our Midyear Wrap-up off is the group/act that you think had the best debut so far in 2012. Did B.A.P.‘s warrioresque debut win you over? Or was it Exo‘s 23 teasers? Or did Hello Venus float your boat?

Just as an FYI, we’re not counting subunits or solo debuts as actual debuts, so the likes of Jo Kwon and SNSD’s TTS aren’t going to make it on this list, unfortunately.

Have at it: who do you think has been the best debut so far of 2012?

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(Images via 1st Look, Pledis Entertainment, and Weibo)