• kiimmiieee

    #5 apparently happened at the Google concert in Mountainview! To be honest, I wasn’t paying much attention to the crowd while I was there.. but it was said many people left right after Super Junior finished performing and there was still one act left. 

    • Winter Rose

       its their loss for missing tvxq’s awesome performance

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/QRI3O5M6QWZ3L5CDF6GR54U4VY CindyL

       I know! I saw that on the live streaming….I was so shocked. I mean, people will have to knock me out with a tranquilizer gun to drag me away from a LIVE performance by TVXQ….young people these days.

    • palebluedot13

      i’m pretty sure it was because they didn’t want to fight the parking situation leaving the concert. which makes sense and you can’t blame them. that’s like whenever i go to a sports game with my dad he always likes to leave before it ends because then he doesn’t to fight the heavy traffic

      • kiimmiieee

        Understandable. Personally, we waited in line for so long.. I would want to enjoy the full concert. Although TVXQ was the last group to perform there was still soo much time before the concert even ended. They called the groups one by one, had all the groups sing one song, and still had the closing speech. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/O2O6HOX2UMCW2SHVJNJ6G7DOYY sonia

        Actually, the parking situaton was handled rather well. It took max 30 minutes to get out of the ampiteatre. Also, this was after the concert ended. Although, that could be because people left earlier.

        • palebluedot13

          30 mins is still a pretty long time. i don’t think i have ever waited that long to get out of an event

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003507824553 ICassie Gaemgyu

      ????!!!! they walked out of a TVXQ performance????!!!!!!!! :O!!!!!

      • kiimmiieee

        Mm yeah. TVXQ was the last group to perform out of the lineup.

  • CCella

    The last one is the thing that I find the most annoying. Big Bang came to my country to perform before and it was a joint concert with many other artists from other countries. Since there is an American artists, along with the VIPs, there are a lot of other non-kpop fans. And let me tell you, after the concert, the hate towards VIPs and Big Bang was horrendous. When BB performed, VIPs screamed and jumped and pushed and totally disregard other non-kpop fans who are also there at the concert. After BB finished, VIPs just didn’t care anymore and left. Needless to say, others’ impression about VIPs was really bad and of course, to the non-fans, the impression about the fans can also affect their views about the artists. 

    After the concert, when I went on FB, I saw so many comments like, “thank god, all those freaking Big bang fans left. Thanks to that, we got to enjoy a real concert”, “wow, is that how Kpop fans behave? so rude!”, “this is why I never like Kpop”, etc… I know about Kpop and I like Big bang. I understand that Kpop isnt just about the idols and the fans. I know that there are many other talented idols and singers and well-behaved fans out there in Kpop. I know that among those crazy and rude VIPs at that concert, there are also polite VIPs, who didn’t left the concert after that. But it is because I’m a fan of Kpop. To those non-kpop fans who know nothing, of course, this will make them hate it and that, I can’t blame them. 

    Sometimes, fans can become the image of their idols. I hope that some crazy and immature fans will learn that and behave better so that they can also become a good image for their own idols. 

  • http://twitter.com/chubipower Jay Wong

    i totally agree with no.3… solo concerts are more strict with their policy of “no photography/videography” but those joints ones or showcases are not so tight. hence… the sea of cameras and phones during the whole performance. i wish the fans would give the performers more love and actually watch+listen to them with their eyes and ears. i rather ogle at my idols with my own two eyes rather than recording them on camera… because then it would be nothing different from watching a video on youtube or something. moreover, i can always look up hundreds of fancams online…

  • foofoox33

    I really disagree with 1 & 3. i think for number 1 it might depend on where you’re sitting. for smtown i had really good seats, and almost all of my section stood up. for me it’s because i want to get my money’s worth haha. plus standing up is just way more fun. i’m at this concert to enjoy it and to let my inner fangirl out. where else can i ever have this experience, you know? of course i’m not super obnoxious about it, but i do like to wave my lightstick and sing along to some songs. and i’d say at least 70% of my section was like this. it was so fun to be with a bunch of other kpop fans that enjoy hearing these songs live! also the artists love when the audience stands up, it looks a lot livelier! 

    for number 3 i’d say it really sucks for people at home who can’t attend these concerts. think about fans in like scotland or something that will only ever experience their idols performing through fancams. and when i imagine kpop without any fancams, its crazy! for smtown i recorded almost all of it, and i’m glad i did. i didnt really focus on where i was pointing because of my excitement LOL, but its nice to watch it over. and since i have a bad memory, this way i remember more/relive some of the concert.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=665231602 Freya Bigg

      I’m in Scotland, I’ve travelled to London for almost every K-pop concert in the UK so far…don’t underestimate us :P

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QNCBE573OEW4QTEJT6DBN5J5Q4 Saturday

    I totally agree guys, although I admit I’m guilty of No.3. I’ve only attended two Kpop concerts/events before, both times I was seated. I tried to record the performances with my camera both times, and now I discovered how much time and effort was wasted through those recordings, maybe I should just put down my camera and enjoy the show unfolding before my eyes. 

    One of the concerts I attended had featured many different Kpop groups, mix of the uber loved and popular (Big Bang, 2NE1, FT Island) to the rookies and not so well known yet at that time (TOUCH, X-5, Teen Top, Dal Shabet etc). I REALLY thanked God that Big Bang and 2NE1 were the last ones to perform because when groups like Dal Shabet/X-5/TOUCH were performing, there were practically little to no lightsticks turned on for them! and it was awkward because I was pretty much the only one amongst the few that had my lightstick turned on in my area  (total of 5 or 6 blocks) and the fans who were previously yelling their heads off for FT Island went totally quiet at that point. As for No.1, all the fans who were sitting practically stood up and jumped until the end during Big Bang and 2NE1s’ performances, enthusiasm on the spur of the moment is difficult to curb so I can excuse that as long as they do not block my view.

    No.2 is a really good point because I encounter that ALL THE TIME during concerts. I attended the MAMAs last year and the fans screamed whenever a face appeared on the screen (be it an idol or not). Won Bin? They screamed. Song Seung Hun? They yelled. Super Junior? They yelled even louder. Gets on my nerves sometimes. The only one I have yet to encounter is No.4, although I will be soon in a few months’ time when I will be in a moshpit for the very first time, better wish me luck! : – )

    Another concert pet peeve of mine is when fans bring and hold up extraordinarily large fanboards or banners that block the views of other people just to display their affection for their beloved idols. It annoys me to no end since we’re all paying practically the same price for the tickets and we have the right to not have our view blocked by some overenthusiastic fans. Or scream at extremely inopportune moments such as when the groups are being interviewed or when the group is going to start their performance. Especially fans who scream out OTP names and make the idols go all embarassed and uneasy. Imagine someone behind you shouting out “Yunjae forever!” at a DBSK fanmeet/concert and Yunho can hear you. Awkward much?

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

    I have not been to a concert before, despite being a huge K-pop fan but I somewhat agree with this article. There are two things I disagree though: 

    1. People should not scream regardless of their bias being on the screen or live. Seriously, pity the ear drums of the other audiences in your vicinity. Plus, screaming ruins the whole live experience. We want to listen to the idol singing live. Not your screaming. Do your screaming in your own privy and only after the performance is over. We do not wish to listen to it while our fave idols are singing. Also, as vicarious audiences (for those who cannot attend those concerts and rely heavily on recorded performances), we appreciate that the others keep silent during the performance. 

    2. I am sure that those people who watch their idols through tiny screens would very much prefer NOT watching them through tiny screens. They are doing it for us pitiful international fans who live in countries where K-pop dancing is considered obscene (i.e. Malaysian govt has banned several international acts because the dances are too obscene… – – ) or where K-pop cannot reach us (Reception towards k-pop is still quite lukewarm in the Land Down Under, the other country where I spend most of my time at…). Apart from that, i agree with this article. :) I love how EXO is getting so much of coverage on Seoulbeats these days. Are you guys secretly fangirling them? Hehehehehehe. 

    • palebluedot13

      do you really think musicians want to play to a crowd that is sitting there quietly? i mean i can see for ballads. but it’s the main reason why artists try to pump the crowd up. they feed off the energy of the crowd and like to see people enjoying their music.

      • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

        What you’ve put out is true but I did not say that no screaming or crowd noise is allowed after the song is performed. Also, if the performer cues for some crowd noise, that is alright – i.e. if someone says “Make some noise etc…”. But if you watched those fan cams, the screams truly hurt and are very consistent. Chorus, scream. Bridge scream, intro scream. All you can hear are “screams”. I cannot imagine how it must be for people who watch them live. 

  • minty_chip

    Kpop concerts sound fun but also pretty crazy. People just yelling at videos of their bias seems ridiculous  and annoying to probably everyone around them.  I’m actually going to my first kpop concert this year. I was wondering if anybody had advice on where to sit?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000257663037 Hebe Perry-Belfrage

    I agree with this so much, especially the last one. I was at the MBC festival in London last month and I was stunned when the crowd started chanting for EXO during 4minute’s MC-ing. I was so disappointed that they could be so rude. Also, the yelling at videos annoys me so much!

  • destined2bebossy

    That last one sooo much! It is beyond rude to just up and leave because the group you came to see has gone. Give the respect you would want people to give your group to other groups.

  • palebluedot13

    The only two I disagree with is the first two. Concerts are for people to have fun and appreciate the music of their favorite artists. I don’t go to a concert to sit in a seat. And I say this as someone who is five foot two inches. It’s not like standing will give me a better view. 

    And plus I’m sure the actual idols like to see people up and enjoying their music. They want to see a pumped up crowd. It’s one of the main reasons why I got a lot of fanservice at the Kpop Masters concert. I was one of the few fans in my area who actually looked like they were enjoying the music performed and wasn’t just sitting there screaming my head off. Heck none of my bias groups performed but I still sang along and danced.

    I just can’t ever see myself sitting at a concert no matter if it is kpop related or not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/karheng279 Aaron Ho

    I’m afraid I’m guilty for rule no.5.  
    It was when SNSD were performing at Msia’s Twin Towers @Live earlier this year. Because the reason I went is because SNSD. I mean, come on, it’s SNSD first time coming here.And the fight to get into the concert was soooo draining, and by the time their performance is over (which is almost towards the end of event ) I’m beyond the point of exhaustion (physically and emotionally).  Furthermore those after their performance were local acts, so I figured it was not worth it, and so I dispersed along with the Pink Ocean.  

    In hindsight, I do realised it was very rude of me  =/  I’ve brought shame to my family

  • goldengluvsk2

    there are some good advices here but i dont agree with rule 1 and 3… #1 if i wanted to sit… then id sit at HOME and for free… to go to a concert to just sit is kinda insane… maybe in an opera or ballad concert it would be appropiate… the screaming part in other people’s ears is indeed rude…! I actually once bought ear plugs to a concert because i thought the crowd will be insanely loud.. and I was right… even with ear plugs I felt my ears were gonna explode x.x

    #3 well, i personally dont have the luck to attend kpop concerts -id pay whatever they ask me really- but my country is faaaaar away in that place called Central America that seems to not be part of the “world” because we all know “world tours” for agencies means visiting like US, china, Japan, France and Thailand… even when I wont criticize them for thinking theres no “kpop fans in that place”… I feel thankful to the chingus that upload “fancams” to their YT channels for us least fortunate fans… when I went to the concert of this huge band a couple of years ago,  I uploaded the vids thinking of those fans who couldnt attend… and I dunno if you need mad skills for it but i filmed and watched them with no problem lol

  • happy_slip

    Any person who can sit for the rest of the concert of their favorite act isn’t normal, period. I’m sorry, but who does that? LOL.

    I am surprised when I see people who can fancam the whole thing, really. The restraint to not move that much is amazing.

  • kmoo4986

    I disagree with rule #1. I went to SM Town for the first time in LA and stood the entire 3+ hours cuz I was so excited. I was actually pissed at the people who were sitting because it’s frekkin SMTown! I really only went to this concert to see SuJu, Shinee, and TVXQ but I stood and supported all groups. Now I love everyone lol.

    For #3 I also disagree. I personally didn’t videotape anything at SMTown but I don’t mind that people do. I love that I can go on youtube and damn near watch all of SS4 since SuJu doesn’t have their main concerts here.

    All other rules are on point.

  • AcadiasFire

    I have yet to go to a concert yet but these are good tips and will be sure to remember them.

  • froko

    Definitely 3… I spent all of the MBC festival in London with my view blocked by the person in front holding a camera up to record every act. I can’t understand why you’d want to watch through a bad quality tiny screen when they’re right there in front of you. 

  • http://twitter.com/andrevittorstar 앙드레 (André)

    disagree with all of these LOL

  • Julie Barkun

    Funny thing about that last point. I attended the New York / New Jersey massive k-pop concert…you know, the one that had ‘free’ tickets no one could get, and distributed VIP seats without actually telling anyone outside of specific circles VIP tickets were available? And then at the venue, no one actually checked for tickets so those of us who had managed to get one by some miracle had to tell some person who didn’t have the tickets “excuse me, but I think that seat you’re sitting in is mine, there’s standing room at the back”?

    Once SHINee, BEAST and a couple others (okay, mainly those two) finished performing…half the people in the audience left. Of course it was a blistering hot day, but the sun had just set and the heatwave was over, why would you leave for?

    I’m not complaining. Those of us who were left were treated to a surprise: no one was watching the VIP entrance, and half of the VIP seats were now open. Guess what? My friends and I snuck in there along with probably 100 other very smart and happy people…just in time for 2PM to finally show up. We got right in front of the stage (RIGHT IN FRONT) for 2PM, TVXQ, and for ALL the boy bands to come back up and perform together. RIGHT IN FRONT.

    Silly biased fans can leave venues early all they want. Thanks to them, I got to stand 4 people away from SHIM CHANGMIN. My life is complete.

  • Ranie Mei

    I disagree with the first one. Concert for have fun and enjoy the music, with pur own ways. I don’t pay to sit and shut at the entire show, leave it at our own room. I’d like to express my emotion, see my idol singing live in front of me.

    P.S: Well, me, I ‘d do leave after SJ performance and not watch TVXQ. I respect SMTOWN because SJ part of it but it hurt me see and listen Mirotic (and old DBSK songs) sing only with two member. Ha!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KFOLAJLXYHOCHDRFCSECACDGFI Lisuh-chan

       I agree. There are times where I wanted to cheer at SMTOWN, but these girls behind me told me to sit down because they couldn’t see. Well, I’m sorry if your favorite group isn’t on right now, but let others have their moment okay? They screamed my ears off when their favorite artists were out and even dropped something on me. I never complained so some people should stop being hypocritical.

      Standing up and cheering at the right moments really does make a difference. When me and my friend stood up for cnblue/ftisland’s concert, the whole section stood up with us to cheer. It’s just more fun that way.

  • Kristy May

    Who the hell sits down at a concert? I remember someone told me to sit down at a CNBLUE concert coz I was blocking “everyone’s” view. You know what I told her? I told her to F*** OFF coz I didn’t pay a lot of money to sit my ass down at a rock concert. If people want to sit down at a concert, fine, that’s your choice but don’t tell the person in front who’s standing, dancing & enjoying themselves to sit down. That person bought that space and can damn well do as he/she pleases with it. If you don’t like it, stand up and join in the fun. It isn’t a damn opera.

  • Rachael Erin Dotson

    I’ve seen a lot of Asian concerts and it seems like it’s common courtesy for everyone to be seated the whole performance unless you’re in a pit. I’ve been to a Vixx concert and the entire hall was standing and screaming the whole time though, I could barely tell if anyone was even able to say the fanchants! (I know I wasn’t able to, the excitement was so much!!!) and a whole lot of