This has been long overdue. Someone needs to address this mess. I’m so over the hype about BTS! Why are they always getting so much attention? It’s not like they invented K-pop, and everyone is acting like they are the absolute best at everything.

But who is to say BTS isn’t the worst in K-pop? There are so many fans who think that way, and they may be right. It’s time we stop glorifying these frauds and expose them for ruining the last five years.

In fact, let’s go ahead and start at the beginning. That debut was beyond basic. It’s like they didn’t even try to dance in sync. Nobody goes running across anyone’s backs for a routine; that’s so childish. Are we kids? No, but they wanted to be in “No More Dream“. Waaa waa, school sucks! Oh well, you’re just going to have to get that education anyway because nobody likes stupid idols.

All those awards they received must’ve been charity. Someone really should do an investigation and restore the integrity of these shows giving them praise and trophies. It’s impossible to gain all this global attention without a little shady business happening. CEO Bang Shi-hyuk probably sent every judge a crow-tit singing about growing its legs to meet society’s harsh expectations. It so ridiculous that BTS named a song about that bird, too.

The group comes up with these strange concepts for their music videos. From taking over a classroom to impress a girl to literally running around everywhere shouting “Run, run, run!”, their videos detract from the realness of reality. No one would wear expensive suits in a museum while going on about money. Nor would anyone dance on ice screaming “Not Today” in front of hooded figures. It’s also quite careless to drop a mic; they aren’t cheap like that video for “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2”. Again, not sure why they thought an MV centered solely around their dancing, singing, and rapping was a good idea. That dance break by Jimin, J-hope, and Jungkook has always been overrated. Everyone can do an aerial flip over their friend; it’s not hard.

If they tried harder for their goals, they could go really far. Sure, going to the American Music Awards is cute, but they should aim for a concert on the moon. Now, the sky isn’t the limit because the moon exists past that. When are we getting our moon concert, BTS? The moon ARMY have been begging for you to perform on their planet, and you ignore them every tour. I don’t want excuses, just hop on a spaceship and go where no idol group has ever gone before.

We’re never going to gain much progress if we don’t address the rudeness of the members. RM, Rap Mon, Rap Monster, Runch Randa, Namjoon, God of Destruction, whatever your name is, please be a better leader. Nobody respects a goofball who obliterates everything he touches. Suga, apologize for breaking the hearts of everyone who works with you. Start with Suran. Jin, a responsible pet parent should have their sugar gliders in flight school. Jimin, you’re banned from tight pants — you know why. Jungkook needs to work on expanding his skills because he’s not good at much except singing, dancing, rapping, and scaring his hyungs. That’s not enough in today’s competitive work climate, so learn a real trade like knitting sweaters for cats. V, you’re fine — too fine. Go be ugly so the rest of us stand a chance. J-hope, you’re perfect, so I have no notes. You should make time for our imaginary child, though. I struggle as a single mother of a grand delusion.

Of course, we have to discuss all those records BTS broke. It’s terrible how they’ve become the first K-pop group to win a Billboard award, achieve the highest ranking on the Billboard 100, the first idols named as Artist of the Year at the Korean Music Awards, get two gold RIAA certifications, and have South Korea’s First Lady passing out their signed albums as gifts. No one will ever respect K-pop because of what they did.

That Unicef project is obviously a front to raise funds for Jungkook and Suga’s lamb skewer restaurant. They don’t give any credit to their fans, which is fair since ARMY aren’t supportive enough with the hashtags, streaming, and voting. I doubt they’re even watching that YouTube Red show, Burn the Stage. I should’ve burned my eyeballs after going to their WINGS concert. Nothing but pure disappointment.

If you’re new to K-pop, I hope you weren’t brought here by BTS. They’re the worst, and it’s about time someone said it. I’m being completely honest with my unfiltered, unpopular K-pop opinion that nobody asked for. What fool would think this has something to do with it being the beginning of April?

(YouTube, Images via Big Hit, ABC, and Yo Mama)