Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed this past week:


Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out our playlist above for a compilation of this week’s releases!
  • Stray Kidz debuted with “District 9“, the title track of I Am NOT, and a follow up “Grow Up“.
  • TVXQ hoped for “A Chance of Love” in their first album after returning from the army.
  • Monsta X showed a little “Jealousy” in their new album, The Collect.
  • Loona droped “Egoist” for final member Olivia Hye.
  • Mamamoo serenaded sweetly in “Everyday“, a follow-up of Yellow Flower
  • Red Velvet‘s Joy exclaimed “OMG!” for her drama, Tempted.
  • Hoya made his solo debut with “All Eyes on Me“.
  • Samuel said he’s the “One” with BTOB‘s Ilhoon.
  • Jessi and Flowsik teamed up for “All I Need“.
  • Kisum and Heize said “It’s Okay” in a new music video.
  • Nakta and Nine Muses‘ Kyungri collaborated for “Bom Bom“.

Teasers & Announcements

  • Winner will be coming back with their 2nd album EVERYD4Y on April 4.
  • Exo CBX will be returning with a mini-album on April 10.
  • Eric Nam‘s mini-album, Honestly, will be released on April 11.
  • Super Junior will be coming back with Replay, a repackage of Play, on April 12. The title track will be “Lo Siento”, a song of the Latin Pop genre.
  • Vixx will be returning with their third album, Eau De Vixx, on April 17.
  • Trax is planning for a comeback in April, though there is no confirmed date.
  • Produce 101‘s Yoo Seonho will be making a solo debut sometime in April as well.
  • CNBlue‘s Yonghwa will be releasing the first track of his five-song project, Feel The Five Y. The track is titled “Letter” and will be released in Japan on May 21.
  • Dreamcatcher has postponed their album release from March to May in order to improve their album.
  • The show that will replacing MBC‘s Infinite Challenge will be a music variety show, and is set for broadcast at the end of April.
  • The hosts for the revamped version of Weekly Idol are confirmed to be Kim Shin-youngYoo Se-yoon and Lee Sang-min. There is no broadcast date yet.
  • Exo will be getting their own reality show, EXO Climb the Ladder, Travel the World.

Other News

  • Lee Jong-suk will be joining YNK Entertainment after his contract with YG Entertainment expires on March 31.
  • Agencies of Oh Yeon-seo and Kim Bum have confirmed that the couple are dating.
  • BTS have been nominated for TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2018 List.

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