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    I know it took 4 episode for the first Dream High to matter but I couldn’t even give Dream High 2 that many because Shut Up Flower Boy Band was so epic 

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      tbh i think that there is a point to the similarity between the names myung soo and hyun soo. at first i was pretty annoyed at L for his ridiculous “acting”, but with these latest episodes i could really see why he was chosen for this role: he is an idol, portraying a rocker who could have been an idol. so meta. i love it. and i love this drama.

      and: i watched padam padam! awesomeness tbh

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    1. Jaywalking (Shut Up! Flower Boy band OST): LOVE THIS SONG.
    2. Not in Love (Shut Up! Flower Boy band OST)
    3. Superstar (Dream High 2 OST)
    4. Don’t Go – Junsu (2pm) and Lim Jung Hee
    5. That Man (Secret Garden OST) – Hyun Bin

    I love how you guys keep on referring to the actor for Hyun-Soo as “Mr. L”. LOL Reminds me of Death Note every single time. 

    For me, the best dramas have the holy trinity of good directing (pace, scene cuts, cinematography, etc.), good script (tight story line that doesn’t make you want to hit the screen in frustration), and good acting. Unfortunately, not many kdramas are that perfect. I can live if 2 of the 3 factors are there and one is lacking a little – I’ll still keep watching. But if only 1 of 3 is there (or God forbid, none of the 3), I’ll stop. Dream High One, for me, had solid directing and surprisingly great script. Some of the acting was shaky, but I was still totally on board with the drama. Dream High 2… like you said, was a complete hot mess. Bad directing, poor script and lackluster acting. I’m torturing myself with each episode (yes, I’m still following the drama), but I just can’t seem to let it go. It’s Dream High one’s baby after all, how can you hate the lovechild of your love? >____<

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    I don’t care I like DH2. Haters go on HATE

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    With Dream High 2 its more the script than the acting. For example JYP is basically shafted throughout this season so far and he was probably the best character in the first season. I finished watching the 10th ep and still there are characters that they have not still expand like the dancer JR (what is this kid’s back story bc I dont ever remember them explaining it). They are slowly trying to fix things but its far too late at this point.

    For Shut Up Flower Boy Band, the only problem I have is the main lead female. Her character is pretty plain and almost feels like she has no personality. If she is not in a scene where she and Ji Hyuk is doing something cute together, she is a buzzkill in every other scene. Besides that, the drama is great and kind of wish they were an actual band in reality

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    Dream High was so well done. The twists and turns were so wonderfully executed (even with the bad acting) that the cringe-worthy moments were overshadowed by the good. I think episode 9 and 10 give JB a bit more fleshing out and I felt his acting get a bit better. It’s had to tell because I get distracted by his face (I hate to admit it) but I felt him more alive. I agree… there is like ZERO sense to the plotline and the things that happen are random but not in the random awesomeness that Dream High was. There is a sheer lack of chemistry on the set, in my opinion. The boys are not attracted to the girls, for the most part. Or they’re too worried about something to actually try to act interesting. I will keep watching for the pretty faces but I have no hope for the rest of the show. The first one had me at the edge of the seat wanting to know what will happened. In the second one… it’s sad. While the characters individually are likeable (even the evil types), they’re not new and don’t mesh well together. 

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    I don’t listen to Kpop enough to be able to guess songs…

    Flower Boy Band I guess I’m the only one who didn’t care for this, I couldn’t connect to any of the characters and gave up quite early on.

    Dream High 2 Utter disappointment, but still hanging on purely for the sake of the supposed Cameo of the cast from the first and like FallingSnow, I can’t bring myself to hate the love child of my love. Dream High 1 is one of my favorite Korean Drama, the acting was off a lot of the times, but the message behind the whole thing was well thought out and each character’s relationship was so well written. Dream High 2…sigh…

    Exploring the supernatural trend in upcoming K-dramas…I’m sick and tired of this supernatural stuff that’s dominating the Korean Drama industry. I’m an avid drama watcher rather than movies and music and this annoys me to no ends.

    49 Days was a great show but too preachy sometimes and the last ‘secret’ was a big gaping hole that the show could do without. I can understand why they choose to do it but I was still disappointing.

    Secret Garden was so boring I gave up by the 5th episode. I love Ha Ji Won since Damo days, heck even from her movie Phone days…but there was no way I could sit through the rest of this drama. I was never a fan of Full House either. I dislike drama’s that had no proper plot line, where nothing ever happens.