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    I guess you liked dream high based on the amount of time you talked about it…. You used to do youtube videos before, why did it disappear? I think it would be a good idea to bring it back

  • http://twitter.com/estelgrace estelgrace

    What’s the song in the intro?

  • VeryCuticle

    ok sorry but i couldn’t get into dream high 2 i love kang sora but even she couldn’t get me hook :(

    now flower boy band is a whole different story!!! i loved it!!!!! at first i was lil concerned about how the acting was going to be but they are doing a damn good job! it’s my drama fix for this 1st half of 2012 lol i was a lil concerned when lee min ki’s character died but seriously ep 3 and 4 proved that the boys can hold thier own<3…like you guys said the chemistry between the actors seems so real you can't help but connect with all of them!!! can't wait for the next episodes!!!!!!!

    btw does anyone know how it's doing in ratings?????

    • http://twitter.com/missyu8shi Yushi Wang

      I agree! I forced myself to watch the first two episodes of dream high 2 and I found that I just can’t continue . I don’t think it was as attention grabbing as dream high 1 (since dh1 had that mystery with who’s k). I’ll watch later when it gets good.

      Lee Min Ki had one hell of a cameo for shut up flower boy band. It was so good, he had this charisma that when he’s on screen I focus on him, even though I was bothered by his guyliner LOOL. After Lee Min Ki’s cameo, it went on just fine, so I’m proud of the guys, and I love how Do Il and his lil crush on that noona girl. awww. 

  • hjg

    I kind of hoped JB would get better as the episodes would go along but I’ve seen episodes 3 and 4 and I actually think he got worse. Jinwoon is great though, super charming and naturally expressive, he and Kang Sora are the only reasons I’m sticking around tbh.

  • Pr3vail

    I don’t watch any of these shows…so meh. NOT that I didnt give them a chance, FBRS was just really cheesy and had a terrible script. And there was loads of cringe worthy acting from DH2 with a lackluster plot, no different from DH1. DH2 is not going to get any better…what you see is what you get. Just another idol based drama with little to offer. Flower Boy Band has potential, and an interesting cast, but with what happened at the end of ep 2 I’m kinda disappointed…crying really. I seriously love Lee Min Ki!!

    But seriously, sometimes I don’t understand ppl, why hype up these 3 shows when they have nothing original going for them…er with the exception of Flower Boy Band. Idk, I must have a very different taste when it comes to kdramas. What makes a drama popular? Must be the idols featured as actors/actresses, since they are always the most talked about.
    And is it just me who thought ‘What’s Up’ was the most riveting drama of its genre? Why does no one mention how amazing this drama is anywhere???

    • cutiepie88

      Seriously, is “What’s Up” really good?  I have been hesitant/lazy only because I was bored/disappointed with “The Musical” in the beginning I started to like it but as the episodes kept coming IDK what happen.  But my brain was like enough already were done! XD LOL! There’s 20 episodes right?

      • Revy

        What’s Up? is good. It’s actually the best musical kdrama i’ve seen. The acting & story is good too. The only problem is that because it showed on cable they had to cut down the time to 45mins per ep. So since it was an already wrapped drama they couldn’t edit it properly. Other than that its good. You should check it out

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6NR4CWLS6RLSC6PCXOWJ2HQLJA PasserBy

        What’s Up is surprisingly good. ^o^ 

      • Pr3vail

        I highly recommend “Whats Up.” The plot is so intriguing and different, and a cast of characters that are so good, individually they could carry the show along on their own. I mean its not the most amazing, its a little bit rushed, but it was satisfying. A must watch drama.

  • gochuismyfriend

    miryo dirty
    IU someday
    CN Blue love
    Jung Jin woon If not now
    se7en somebody else


    miryo dirtyIU somedayCN Blue loveJung Jin woon If not nowse7en somebody else


  • Anima

    But the thing about SUFBB is that they are hinting to take a deeper look at stereotypes though. You guys said that it’s rich vs. poor and to root for the underdog but it’s hinted at that Ji Hyuk is actually reeeeaallly rich lol. I actually think that’s where his unusually high level of disgust for rich people comes from. This drama is so nice! My only complaint is yoo minkyu’s gross red hair which makes him look fugs. He models for Dior Homme and YSL and is actually really cute!

    Everything about Flowerboy ramyun shop was a big NO for me. I will never understand the appeal of that show.

    Dream High 2 is just too boring to go on and it bothers me that Ailee’s voice can’t shine more. That JR kid is quite a good actor imo, he should be the lead. JB the person (not the character) seems a bit shy and really likeable but his acting is TERRIBLE, the circle lenses are also a bit creepy. Also I get ~gay vibes~ from him (not a bad thing, just saying…imo) but he’s still a cutie pie, it’s a shame he had to debut through dream high, but I’ll still look forward to J&J.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I don’t understand the heaps of praise Jinwoon is getting for his acting. Perhaps its just that comparatively speaking, he is miles better than JB, but Jinwoon is definitely not Kim Soo Hyun. He doesn’t have that shining charisma that just lights up the scene and he’s not finessed enough as an actor (yet) to bring much depth to the character. Jinwoon’s character, if you think about it, is pretty 2D: charming, grumpy, with a HUGE anti-idol chip on his shoulder (to the point of extreme prejudice). Jinwoon is good at snarking his lines, I’ll give him that but 
    I wish there was more to it. Honestly, I’m not a fan of close-minded characters and it’s hard for me to root for him.

    I think there’s two main issues with Dream High 2. One is that there’s really not much substance to the plot. There’s a LOT of intriguing conflict (that’s pretty original and rarely addressed in k-drama – or even real life) but the pace of the story is too choppy and poorly planned to bring these conflicts to fruition. The story for Dream High 1 was definitely more well-thought out – they had more time to plan everything and this definitely shows in the execution.

    The second issue is that none of the characters are likeable enough to root for (and they are still not developed enough for us to be interested/invested). The underdogs in DH2 are neither motivated nor talented – so do they actually deserve to even debut? And the idols in DH2 are neither charismatic nor humble enough to be relatable (to us mere mortals). Kang Sora’s character as a bubbly, hard-working but talentless girl is a tired k-drama cliche and I’m seriously fed up with her antics. Jiyeon’s character has potential but her character development/scenes are messily thrown together and not cohesive enough for me to like. Ugh, I just really miss Dream High 1 T______T

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      Dear LAWD, tell me the person who’s saying Jinwoon is as good as Kim Soo-hyun. BRING HIM/HER TO ME.

  • Maye Anne Letrago

    Miryo – Dirty
    IU – Someday
    C.N. Blue – Love
    Jung Jin Woon – If It’s Not Now
    Seven/Se7en – Somebody Else

    • Anonymous

      Oh…okay..someone already got the name of the songs. Haha.

  • Jay W

    i’m watching SUFBB because it gives off a jdrama vibe. script and characters are well thought-out and the episodes are 45 mins long! no dragginess and forever waiting for one episode to finish. i really like the cinematography too :)

    • Jay W

      oh ya… i’m not sure whether you guys watched episodes 3 and 4 of SUFBB before doing this, but seunghoon (the rich guy) is actually not made to be hated. there’s different dimensions to most of the characters in this drama, including the antagonists… so yeah. as what i mentioned before, the script is good and has some depth.

    • Guest

      yeah,totally agree…SUFBB gives off a jdrama vibe,and i thought the vocalist’s face looks like japanese.

  • hanie

    After watching 2 episodes of DH2, I’m not liking it and feel bad for them since I really like DH and really wants to like DH2. There are too many casts, the underdogs group are not that talented enough for me to root for them, the idol group is full of not-so-good actors (worse than suzy in DH’s earlier episodes). And I dont like the MV-dance scene ep. 1 cause it takes forever. what is the purpose for that scene anyway??

    I watched Flower boy band because of L and Lee Minki’s cameo but after 4 episodes, I really like it. I hate that they killed Minki’s character like that ( I cried!!!) but after that, the rest of eye candy shine, so it all good to me. The script did not just focused on the 2 main characters but all of them so I like it. Hopefully we can get more background story of everyone in the next episodes since it feel like everybody have their own problem/secrets (eg: Jihyuk rich mom & Doil gangsta dad). I also like the music probably because Loveholics is behind it. Cant wait to see how the storyline unfold.

    I don’t like ramyun shop because it was so cheesy. Even Jung Ilwoo can’t make me watched it.

  • ME

    I had to bang my head to the wall now, before that I had to apologize to SB.
    I did really thought DH2 would bring something good. Especially since they took place after Brain (ho, how we love Brain). DH2 ep 1 brought an interesting issue: curfew for underage idol.

    At the same time, T-Ara thrown the fact that they only had 2-3 hours sleep everyday, due to their hectic schedules and there are no rules what so ever to protect their basic needs (well… as we are human, we need enough sleep, some rest, good & healthy food and… socializing? But that another story to idol’s side). And it bound to cause injury and depression. 

    So, I do really glad they bought that issue up. Imagine, an idol-candy eyes-high school musical kind of, but with real issue. Maybe, I’m dreaming too high. I sincerely hope DH2 will get so much better, at least keep me entertain. I have high hopes for JYP & BYJ. They are the (founder?) representatives of JYP Ent & Key East Agency. Both, I think, are respectful companies and home to many good artists/idols. 

    By depicted that issue, I do think that they, themselves, are really want to make a different. Try to make something better, at least within their own companies and spread it outside. 

    Or given a chance for their trainees, which is a win-win situation. The trainee has the opportunity to learn by doing and the company gets the hype before their debut (especially, if the trainee successfully deliver).

    I just stick to Wild Romance then. Lee Si-Young really makes me fall in love with her for so many times now. I have been watching her since Birth of the Rich, Poseidon and now, Wild Romance + MC at Entertainment Weekly. She doesn’t care if she’s not looking glamorous (well… with those curly short hair and barely there make up) and she is a pro boxer.

    And the plot thickens with Jessica… Now we can talk.

    Happy weekend.

  • A.

    SUFBB has to be one of the most appealing dramas I have watched lately. Though I fell in love with Lee Minke’s charisma and was devastated when they killed him…. If anyone has watch the British show skins I get the same sort of feel from this.

  • http://twitter.com/kaylavirus el lee

    Conclusion: SUFBB 10X better than DH2!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1719265437 Lisa Teuber

    hmm i dont think so i think both are good but for outer asia i can tell DH2 is the populest!!