Didja miss us last week?

Getting back to our regularly scheduled programming, this week on Seoulbeats Chat Box, Patricia and I discuss several trends in K-pop, starting with idols being cast in dramas and musicals, and the ever popular “Hello Baby,” making its way into its fifth season.

  • Yoochunand his new drama, and idols acting in dramas in general (0:44) (*note, as of the release of this post, Yoochun’s casting has already been confirmed)
  • Idols on the musical stage (10:00) 
  • Babies, babies, babies on “Hello Baby” (20:03)
  • Multiculturalism and race on “Hello Baby,” and in K-pop (31:20)


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Shouts to cutiepie88 for accurately guessing all the songs from last week’s podcast. Gives us your best guesses for this week.

And as always, if there’s anything you would like to hear us discuss in the coming weeks, let us know!