In my last article, I mentioned that I believed that SHINee could do a masculine concept. And you know what? I still do. I believe in them. In my heart, I feel as if the boys could do something stronger and more masculine than what they’ve done in the past. Their noonas Other people want SHINee to remain as the colorfully-dressed, cute boys we’ve all come to know and love but I strongly believe that it’s time for SHINee to hang up their rainbow-colored skinny jeans for good.

But then, I came across this.

Everyone already knows that SHINee recently received the opportunity to endorse Etude, a cosmetics brand; Megan wrote about it months ago. And here I am, coming to agree with her. SHINee needs to stop with this aegyo business. It’s becoming disturbing. I felt uncomfortable watching the boys make cute gestures and and act all giddy as they recorded this video. They look out-of-place, as if they were wishing they could be doing something else. I cannot be the only that sees the kill me now look in Key’s eyes or the please let this be over soon look on Minho’s face. The feigned happiness and supposedly cheerful smiles looked strained at times. You can’t blame them. Half their dignity went out the window with this video.

Aside from that, the song isn’t terrible but it’s an overload of cuteness. I’ve never heard their voices so chipmunk-y or seen anyone rap so cutely. I mean, that rap scene was adorable. A little creepy (I’m starting to agree with Ree about Taemin being a potential serial killer) and uncomfortable-looking, but adorable nonetheless. it was amusing to see the boys trying to rap all gangsta-like. It looked so contrived, like they were just immitating what they saw on TV. I kept hearing Mickey Mouse in the background, which was distracting and unnecessary. The cheek-swiping was a bit much, but they are selling skincare so they do need to emphasize that flawless skin of theirs.

This video only strengthened my desire to see SHINee do something masculine this year. I want them to stop acting cutesy and instead put their heart and soul into a concept they’ve been yearning for, one where they aren’t tied down to what noonas want of them (sweet little boys next door) and instead are able to show their prowess. I know that it’s next to impossible (SHINee needs its noonas to survive) but I’m still going to hope for it. The knowledge that SM hired a best-selling university professor, Kim Nando, to write the lyrics for SHINee’s newest album gives me more hope. With luck, we’ll be listening to lyrics with more depth and meaning than typical pop songs.

Your thoughts?