• Asd

    You hand pick 2 shows to support your argument that idols ruin variety shows. Ignoring the fact that S2 WGM is about as popular as S1? I didn’t know that selectively picking things resulted in accurate conclusions.
    F for Fail right there.

    • Kpopboi

      Hmmm… I’m not sure what you consider Season 1. I believe Season 1 ended with the introduction of the 3 couples on Episode 42… which market the new year (2009). But for some reason, wikipedia combines everything until the axing of Yong Jun + Jung Eum couple as Season 1. Strange…

      Either way, those original couples DID indeed destroy the ratings compared to everything up till now in WGM. Adam couple came close at one point but never did match them. Ultimately, its a REALLY stale concept now with countless MC reshuffles, program reformats and lame couples.

    • Czak_reina

      well if you don’t think that 2 shows support that theory about idols
      well how about shows like 1n2d no idols there… That show pretty much is The king of all shows…Running Man only gets idols as guest not as permanent member…
      Infinity Challenge, that is like an all comedian show.. and its pretty great…

      I like my idols as much as the next girl but sometimes they just make me pull all my hair out seeing the in variety shows acting cool and cute. As  the writer wrote “One word of advice for idols: let loose.” I agree on that. I think they should start bringing on the cute rather than putting so much cool, cause it just ruins the show. if they let lose and just do whatever that is when IDOLS dont ruin variety shows, much like how I love Goo Hara in IY…

      • guest

        I’d really hesitate to call 1n2d a variety show. Don’t get me wrong it is one of if not the most popular show on korean television right now. However, as you probably noticed from watching the viewers tour episodes this year many of the viewers are from an older age group (+50). This is most likely due to the fact that it is a travel program/culture program mixed with a comedy/variety show. So it would not be fair to say that 1n2d is the funniest or most interesting tv show. Also, it would be unfair to say that it is because there is no idols that it is really popular. This is false and its popularity is mostly becuase of its broad target audience. 

  • Kpopboi

    CASE IN POINT: 1 Night 2 Days on KBS was and still IS the most popular Korean Variety Show for every social demographic in South Korea. THIS without a SINGLE Idol in it. Coincidence? I dare not think so.

    Let’s not forget that 1N2D is one of the longest continually running shows in Korea and destroyed every other competing show… yes. even Family Outing. Shame, how its gonna come to an end soon.

    But its really unfortunate how there’s just not enough interest in these non-idol shows internationally, because at the end of the day… international kpop fans are only interested in kpop idols and that is enough means to place all the attention on the idol heavy shows. i.e. subbing and uploading FO etc etc.

  • http://twitter.com/maryisVIP 매리

    AGREED!! Family Outing Season 1 was truly AWESOMEEE!! 

  • Revy

    Definitely agree w/ this. FO season 1 was so much fun.
    WGM  season 1 was definitely good with all the different personalities while season 2 is all bout idols(except the brave couple & Jang Woo) so you don’t really expect much.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XZMSVOCJOA7ZA47SDPHNBVFNWM Lizzie Heart

    Hey you are so right! Did you watch Match up from MTV with Block B and B1a4? Block B didn’t care about their image and it was so fun and enjoyable to watch them! Lol that is why I came to love them all, so fun, don’t caring about their image. . . you should watch, is so fun in a  episode Kyung says: ”My image, ohh they are ruining my image of AN idol” LOL LOL he said it joking btw, not complaining xD

    • http://twitter.com/flickaddi Felicia Addison

      block b on match up was the funniest thing ever! I already liked their music then the same as you I got to know them and now I love their personalities too they are such crazy trolls

  • http://twitter.com/tasipark Tasi Park

    totally agree w. everything you said! f.o. first season was awesome! and wgm first season was great! i hated that there was too many idols, everything did begin to be scripted and not genuine! 

  • Mary

    totally agree, FO1 was a great show, until it was ruined by the large number of idols and WGM2 only I saw the show for the couple Adam, to be honest

  • HelloAdrian

    Totally agree with this. Family Outing S1, Infinity Challenge and Running Man are my favorite variety shows and I think the LACK of idols on these shows (as permanent cast members) plays a huge part in why I like them so much.

    That being said, I don’t think you can ever really expect idols to stop worrying about their image and start being “natural” on variety shows. Idols are all about projecting a certain image. They’re suppose to be perfect; image is ingrained into their career. I mean, we can hope that they’ll stop being so image-conscious, but I don’t think we should expect it to happen anytime soon.

  • Anonymous

    True much. Although I haven’t watched Family Outing and WGM, I think that they should cast comedians and not idols. Although some idols are great in variety show because they show another side of their lives (like SJ), some were not and always killing the mood. But I appreciate Unbelievable Outing S3 with Super Junior because the comedians didn’t limit them that much although sometimes, they don’t let the SJ members do some super embarrassing consequences. You can say that UB made SJ really suffer but it was all good and it added more fun and humor in the show especially in the las few eps of the season, they were close already and they make fun of SJ also. :))

  • Sall

    WGM sucked so much now. The only people who watch WGM are the fans of the idols. Unlike season 1. Seo In young isn’t really loveable but you enjoy watching her.

    • Sall

      The only decent pairings in season 2 was the Adam Couple.

    • Czak_reina

      agree 100%. There was always something missing with season 2 WGM. they were cute together. they looked great together but they lacked something… it was just not right…

    • genevieve

      We Got Married season 1 was what got me into k-entertainment in the first place.
      A korean friend kept telling me about this kpop idol who was completely bucking the trend (as in, he was actually pretty real and entertaining), and that was what led me to my poison who is Kim Hyun Joong. (heart him, don’t get the hate.)
      Ever since then, everytime someone asks me about what to watch, i always tell them, WGM season 1. And they always inevitably fall in love.

  • Guest

    to be honest i dont find kim jong gook funny/zany/interesting at all. the scenes where he is alone or with a guest are really boring and are mostly edited out for the same reasons
    its only when yoo jae suk makes fun of him that he becomes interesting so you should credit jaesuk entirely
    and i think thats what was wrong with fo2. i think its unfair to completely blame it on yoona/taek/jokwon as the problem mostly lied with the 3 comedians sangryul bongsun wonhee.theres was noone who could create funny situations/nicknamesif you think about it yoo jae suk came up with most of the nicknames in fo1

    also you completely ignored invincible youth (which again had the great banter between shinyoung and the girls) 

  • saroj khan

    sooo true!!!family outing was the best .i pretty much watchedd the wholleee thing two or moeee cuz i missed itt after seeing season twooo .i diid like heechul on season twoo should have got in early episodes thoo :(

    we got married just watched hwannee nad hwa first season and watched a bit of eunjung couple liked them 

  • My2cents

    Idols in variety shows when used properly can be the funniest thing. FO2 did not use their idols properly and I blame this entirely on the 3 comedians Bongsun, Wonhee and Sangryul. They are supposed to be the experienced sunbaes and meant to create these witty ‘nicknames’ and interesting scenarios. However they failed to and thats why the show was really boring. Just look at how many idols Yoo Jaesuk and Kang Hodong have propelled to variety stardom: lizzy (AFS), kwanghee (ZEA), daesung (big bang). The aforementioned 3 idols, i find, are the funniest sometimes even more so than some comedians. And this is completely due to the 2 nation MC’s who helped create these characters. So it is completely unfair to put the whole blame on the idols but should be on the comedians. An additional note: im pretty sure ADAM couple was the most interesting/popular couple in history of wgm and thats mostly why the producers sent them on so many holidays to other countries. so yeah…. 

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  • Crapaholic

    Yoo Jaesuk was vital to the success of FO. He is just so witty and good at teasing and creating funny personas for other people. I think if he were to be casted in FO2, it would have had a different feel.

  • Elizabeth Ciada

    Yes, i definitely agree!
    Family Outing Season 1 was the best variety show ever to me; it still is. It will continue to be my most all time favorite show ever. And in fact i have an addiction to watching it. I’ve watch it about probably 10 or more times!
    Although it is an old show now its still a MUST WATCH!
    i laughed so much and even cried. Up until when yejin and chunee left i was super sad. The new characters that came in weren’t that funny, however the rest of everyone continued to make it a great show.