20150127_seoulbeats_wegotmarried_yura_hongjonghyunWith news of two couples leaving We Got Married, fans immediately quivered in their seats in fear of impending announcements that their favourite idols would be the next prey of virtual marriages. The Jjongah couple left on a rather ugly note, with the JonghyunNana scandal marring their run on the show. And evidently, this scandal will not be the last in the future of WGM either.

The confirmed new additions are ex-Jewelry member Yewon, CN Blue’s Jonghyun, variety gem Henry, as well as rookie actress and ex SM trainee Gong Seung-yeon. It’s rare that the cast members are made known to the public even before the first filming, reducing quite a bit of suspense for the couples and the viewers.

Perhaps since two couples are joining the show simultaneously, WGM is adopting a new format for this intake. The final husband-wife pairings are not defined beforehand, so the quartet will go on one-on-one dates with the other candidates to test out their compatibility. So essentially, Romantic and the Idol amalgamated with We Got Married.

Of course, We Got Married has never done well with keeping things under wraps and it has been revealed that the finalized couples are Henry-Yewon and Jonghyun-Seungyeon.

20150215_seoulbeats_henryBefore news of his participation was released, Henry left an unsettling voice message for his fans on Twitter. It initially sparked flashing red lights and left fans terribly disconcerted about possible bad news, but everything eventually made sense with the announcement of his casting on WGM.

I don’t know how I should say this but just wanna say that no matter what happens in the future, I will always think about my fans and they will always be in my heart. I’ll always love you…so don’t hate me

So it seems it’s not just fans who are apprehensive of WGM. What are your thoughts on the new couples?

(Nate, Naver, Flitto, Images via MBC, @star1)