The boys of Blue are making a comeback by taking it “Step by Step” (ooh, NKOTB moment) to introduce their first full length album, First Step.  C.N. Blue released the first MV teaser for it’s the album on the 7th.  The teaser was shot last month in Japan and the concept was to show a more mature C.N. Blue.  Check it out here.

I like the driving drums and guitar, but when the singing begins… awkward? Or, was it only me?  It didn’t seem to jibe at all, but I’ll wait to hear the whole song before making a final judgement.  I don’t know If I’d say that the MV reflected a more mature C.N. Blue, a punkier one (and not in a good way) for sure, but mature?

Fans have also had a chance to hear one of the other songs on the album, “Imagine.”  A snippet of the song was released as part of a CF by Jung Yong-hwa for Hazzy‘s Accessories and their Bag Hug campaign. Reportedly, anxious fans crashed the Hazzy‘s site on March 4th, when the CF was released and it took over an hour to bring back up… nice.  Check out Yong-hwa’s CF here.

Now this, I like… maybe even LOVE.  As soon as I heard it, I knew it was C.N. Blue.  As part of the Bag Hug campaign you can even play an interactive dating game with Yong-hwa on the campaign’s site.

A second teaser is to be released on the 14th, with the album and the MV for the title track to be released on the 21st.  2011 is shaping up to be a pretty good year in Kpop.

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