Well, not exactly live. But you try getting up at 7 AM, proceeding to watch 4 hours of nonstop kpoppy goodness. Today was the first day I realized that kpop and I, well our love has a limit. And it has been well maxed out for the rest of week.

For those of you who missed, I’m sure there will be…..other avenues with which to view the show very soon (and I’m sure you know where to find them). Well, lord knows these type of specials are best watched with friends. So of course, I dragged fellow writer Johnelle, and new Seoulbeats writers Madeline and Subashiny with me. What follows is the sleep-deprived long stream-of-consciousness ramblings of four kpop fans  watching the best of 2010, and trying to figure out why G-Dragon looked homeless, where is Amber, how narcissistic is JYP and does white hair really detract that much from a man’s attractiveness?

Warning, if you have  not watched the show most of this will make no sense whatsoever. Matter of fact, if you have seen the show I can’t guarantee you will, either.

7:54 AM Madeline: I’ve got a glass of “apple sparkling drink” and some tiramisu ‘pejoy’ which is pretty much like ‘naked’ peppero with a tiramisu flavor

7:55 AM Ashe: oh, well it’s early here, so all I have is orange juice lol

Madeline: lol

7:56 AM heeeere it comes!!!

Ashe: so dramatic

Madeline: SOO CUTE!!!

Ashe: awwww

Madeline: *yay! They’re there!!

8:02 AM and ew.

Ashe: hmm exactly

Madeline: those little girls shouldn’t be doing that

Ashe: why do the little girls get miss a

Madeline: ok, that is cute.

8:03 AM mad skills, boys… maddskills

Ashe: as if these kids don’t want to be idols enough already

Madeline: lol. I’m just waiting to see a kid I know…

these ones have it easiest…

8:04 AM Ashe: aw that girl is lucky she got a solo

aww 2pm boys are cheesin

Madeline: OMO

love baby BoA

8:05 AM and our hosts are… speaking English!

Ashe: i know i was like, why was i understanding this?

Madeline: Heechul, JeongHwa, JoKwon, and who’s the girl?

OOH! I like Heechul’s short haircut

8:06 AM Ashe: i didn’t recognize him

Madeline: waves back

not JeongHwa… Jeong YongHwa…

Ashe: ok lol calm

Madeline: lol

8:07 AM wait, who is this?

Ashe: that’s what i was about to ask

8:08 AM Madeline: ohhhhh



8:10 AM the dance break’s okay, but do they really need backup dancers?? aaand the back-ups are Teen Top

Ashe: that’s who that was

Madeline: I was wondering why they were miked


8:13 AM Madeline: I think I like these combi stages…

Subashiny: It’s too early to tell for me

Ashe: yeah that is at least the most entertaining part

8:14 AM but I’m not getting the jail theme

Subashiny: Neither am I

Madeline: and  isn’t Miss A at a disadvantage… oh, now they’re out of the cage

Subashiny: I’m not sure how it fits into the music factory thing

Ashe: sistar has an obsession with poles apparently

Subashiny: bwahahaahaha

Isn’t that their new concept?

You know when miss A first debuted with Love Again

Madeline: lol

Subashiny: I thought Jia was so pretty

Ashe: what color was her hair

8:15 AM Subashiny: It was like a normal dark

Ashe: i kinda miss the pink

Subashiny: But then came the pink

And now this blond

Madeline: yeah, it doesn’t do much for her looks

Subashiny: Not to mention that 2pm  ponytail she has going on

Madeline: but it sure makes her stand out…

true dat

8:16 AM Ashe: aww i think it fits her in a “fifth element way”

Subashiny: But it’s like Amber’s hair cut

Ashe: i think i dated myself with that reference

Subashiny: Yeah it makes her different but it doesn’t do much for her face

Madeline: I agree

Subashiny: I’m a film major

Subashiny: So I’ve seen the fifth element

Can’t say I like Bruce Willis too much tho


That was interesting

Ashe: ugh i can’t get into sistar at ALL

Subashiny: Neither can I

8:18 AM Are they really that tall?

Madeline: I liked Shady Girl

Ashe: though hyorim has a good voice

Madeline: and I used to like that they wore more clothes than most of the other girl groups…

but this concept doesn’t help that…

8:19 AM Ashe: well “push push” did start off with the short shorts

Madeline: but not all of them wore short shorts

dadgum. he looks masculine!

8:20 AM Ashe: yeah was it hyorim i think she usually wore pants


heech is growing up

that’s what a good haircut will do

8:21 AM Madeline: hmm,,, dark fairy tale?

Subashiny: This song is so disturbing

Especially the music video

Madeline: ahh… I see those costumes under the capes!

Ashe: watching orange caramel makes me feel like I’m on a lsd trip

Madeline: you won’t fool me, Orange Caramel!!

Ashe: haha

8:22 AM Subashiny: They hide behind these child like concepts

But if you caught the last couple seconds of the MV for A-ing

Ashe: well spotted madeline lol

Subashiny: Is that little girl allowed to wear that?

Madeline: well, they’re not that old… but yeah, this stuff is really underage… and they aren’t…

8:23 AM Ashe: yeah i keep wondering if they’re complicit in the concept

Subashiny: It’s not even them but what they’re invoking

Madeline: or if it’s forced on them?

Subashiny: I’ve heard Raina is not a big fan of the whole Orange Caramel concept

Ashe: like are they are they in on the joke

8:24 AM yeah  Raina has a good voice if i were her i’d be ticked too

Madeline: whoa. someone’s skirt was def stuck…

where are these chaps?

Subashiny: Yeah especially when she’s in her young 20s and she’s singing like she’s at Disney

Madeline: ahhhh  Norazo

8:25 AM Ashe: ahhhhh they are my boys

Madeline: with GD backstage?

I hope they play Curry…

Subashiny: No I just think it was the back of his head

Ashe: it’s like they were transported from a whole other show

8:26 AM Subashiny: Yeah really

Ashe: to go from magic girl to this

i got whiplash

Madeline: LOL like the Willy Wonka New Year’s Extravaganza

8:27 AM Ashe: even their mainstream  songs are weird as hell

Subashiny: You know curry comes from the tamil word kare which means burned

Ashe: but awesome

Madeline: awww. it’s my other boys!

8:28 AM Ashe: ah i learned something today

Subashiny: funny how that’s applied to food

Ashe: subi you are the scholar of this group clearly

Madeline: I’m glad they’re doing this one!!

Subashiny: I speak tamil so I have to represent every chance I get!

Ashe: hah this is the only ukiss song i know

8:29 AM Subashiny: Sorry, not a big fan of U-Kiss

Madeline: probably easiest-but-cool-looking-dance ever (MMHN)

Ashe: i don’t like how all the boy groups are matchy-matchy

8:30 AM i mean similar hair and everything

Madeline: awww! My Kevin!

Ashe: which doesn’t help when you have eleventy members in the group

Madeline: oooh, Homme!

Subashiny: Oh Dongho, isn’t today a school night?

Madeline: nope, it’s school break over here!


8:31 AM Subashiny: I remember when Changmin was complaining about how ugly he was on SGB

And now look at that bod

8:32 AM Madeline: lol. not shallow, or anything, are we?

Subashiny: If men have been objectifying women for, like, I don’t know, since the beginning of mankind

8:33 AM I think it’s about time we turned the tables

Madeline: I love this song…

Subashiny: And Kpop, what a great place to do it in

Madeline: lol.

Subashiny: Is it me or are these MCs a little dry?

Profesional but dry?

Madeline: TOP is like’don’t look at the camera’

8:34 AM Subashiny: He’s trying not to steal the limelight

But fails

I think he’s a bit afraid of Heechul

Madeline: LOL

Subashiny: I would be too

Ashe: top, when we get married, you will NOT have that hair

Subashiny: NOOOOOO

Madeline: lol


8:35 AM Madeline: just stay OFF my SIWON!!!

Subashiny: You can have that Edward Cullen wannabe

Madeline: pssht. he’s much cooler than E.C.

Ashe: subi it’s gonna be a threeway fight cause nia’s made claims


Madeline: and we hold the same beliefs, unlike me and EC

yes! I’m safe!!

Subashiny: I’m sure vampirism complicates the whole notion of faith

Madeline: this is a cute concept!

Madeline: except for that Willy Wonka music

Subashiny: Secret is a talented rookie group

I hope they do more

8:37 AM

Subashiny: With expanding their musical style

Johnelle: Yay Secret! Just made it!

Ashe: i think they’re underrated

haha in time for the good stuff

Johnelle: saw Homme too, such a great song…. if only the MV didn’t give people the wrong ideas. lol.

8:39 AM Madeline: this takes me back to summer…

oooh, breakdancing!

Johnelle: I like Secret too, they have a little extra sass to them and can shake it.

Ashe: zinger looks like she’s put on weight and she looks nice

8:40 AM Subashiny: And they’re women who fit their niche

Madeline: F(x)

Subashiny: Really? I think she’s lost

Ashe: her chin isn’t boa sharp

Madeline: sans Amber

Johnelle: I think if Madonna wasn’t so similiar to Mazzic, the song and the dancing would’ve been better

Ashe: that is the question of the year

where’s amber

Subashiny: This is so not f(x) however

8:41 AM Ashe: and the next [year]

Johnelle: where’s Amber?

love Khuntoria

Subashiny: Resting her “weak ankle”


8:42 AM Ashe: i’m gonna keep bringing it up on SB i don’t care what sm says

Johnelle: Nu Abo was actually a great song … awww Luna’s doing the rap

Subashiny: And of course they give the extra lines to Luna

Why is Sulli letting the backing track do all the work?

Ashe: if i was in LA this would call for some investigative journalism

Johnelle: If she isn’t coming back SME should just say so and stop messing with us, pisses me off

8:43 AM Madeline: for realz.

Subashiny: You know, this is a stretch, but a friend suggested she could be pregnant

As ridiculous as that is

Madeline: it’s always possible…

Johnelle: hmmm… I saw that in our comments on a post- really though? I saw that video of her at the dance school and she didn’t look it- don’t know how long ago that was though

Subashiny: I think Narsha and Tim Burton should get together

Madeline: mmhmm

Johnelle: oooh I like how it’s just bam, bam, bam with the performances

8:45 AM Subashiny: Whoever the PD is for this show is doing a really good job

Ashe: i think he if he knew about her he would build an entire movie around her

Johnelle: the transitions are kind of fast, but I ain’t complaining. no useless filler

Ashe: starring johnny depp of course

Subashiny: She does remind me vaguely of Helena [Bonham-Carter]

Johnelle: wtf is Narsha wearing?

Madeline: the crew must be totally on top of things, too, to keep these stages going

8:46 AM Johnelle: ack?

Madeline: I think it’s linked to the marionette concept… but it’s still not enough of a link to forgive it…

Madeline: whoa! English!

which musical is this from???

Madeline: ah! Hairspray

8:48 AM 4Minute and MBLAQ

interesting combo…

what have they done with my dear Joon’s hair???

8:49 AM

Madeline: oh, that’s Thunder

but it’s still awful

Ashe: the john waters version of hairspray will always be the best

Johnelle: You can’t stop the motion of the ocean….

8:50 AM Madeline: whoa! insta white… mindblown


Johnelle: Yup, the original Hairspray was my favorite

Madeline: I meant the hair… not the version of hairspray…


Ashe: Mblaq always gets the short end of the stick

Johnelle: I really don’t like guys with fur collars

8:51 AM Ashe: lol

Johnelle: and too much eye make-up

Ashe: compared to what some of these guys are wearing…

8:52 AM Johnelle: thank the Kpop gods, G.O. got rid of his ridic mustache

Ashe: aww i liked the mustache after a while

Madeline: Joon looks good! (minus some eye make-up…) you show those arms, baby!

Johnelle: lol, guns…

Ashe: Gave G.O. character….

Madeline: yeah, I hated the moustache, too… but he needs to shave tonight …

8:53 AM anyone gonna hate me if I say I want one of those coats?

Johnelle: 4Minute! huh?

8:54 AM Subashiny: Remember when this song was being used as a tactic against North Korea?

Ashe: i really hope no one trips on those coat things

Johnelle: whoa, they went all Matrix

Ashe: looks like a health hazard

Madeline: ohhh, yeah, I remember that

8:55 AM but I still want one… they’re still a good foot off the ground

except I want my coat to stay together a little longer in the back…

8:57 AM Johnelle: Ah, Kwon… I hate when he slicks back his hair

Madeline: maaan… trot… not a huge fan…

Ashe: obligatory trot

8:58 AM Johnelle: and I think that Hwang Jung-eum made some kind of deal with the devil to look so good and be so successful this year

Johnelle: you gotta give the guy some credit for wearing a maroon studded suit

8:59 AM Madeline: LOL

SHINee doing trot!!!

Johnelle: Onew!

Subashiny: THEY WOULD

I’m surprised Jonghyun didn’t take this one

Madeline: SO FUNNY!!!!

9:00 AM Ok, I hate this song… I would be watching the music shows and  it would always sound like the song was almost over… and then it would go for another round

9:01 AM BEAST doing trot!

Ashe: hehe

Madeline: and KiKwang holding his mic like a girl

9:02 AM Johnelle: Yosoeb

Subashiny: Classy, pinky out and everything

Madeline: I love Yoseobie…

Johnelle: omg did you guys see what they did to Minho when they just scanned the crowd

Subashiny: And he looked like Lucifer?

Johnelle: OMG the glitter

Subashiny: Yeah, ironic

Ashe: the red shirts are hurting my eyes

Johnelle: some of the stylists noonas need to be fired

9:03 AM

Johnelle: hey it looks like home

ole ole

9:04 AM Madeline: I like the Ole bit well enough

lol. love Beast

9:05 AM Johnelle: what’s up with the dancing? they look like ahjusshis

they could have sprung for a little better costumes for her back up dancers

Ashe: i hope they don’t freestyle like that at the club

Madeline: Homme doing trot? not a good idea…

Johnelle: Changmin drop the wrist…. wrong ideas again

9:06 AM Ashe: lol

this song is really not helping

Johnelle: their facial expressions too

isn’t that Eru’s dad

Ashe: i think so

9:07 AM tae jin ah?

my elementary hangul translation

Madeline: I think that’s what it said

Johnelle: yeah, that’s his name

9:08 AM Madeline: the one who allegedly paid a girl off to abort his son’s child??

Ashe: that’s the one

Johnelle: I don’t think Junsu is watching the Gayo, he just tweeted a pic of his cat lol

Madeline: spits toward the tv

9:09 AM lol at Junsu’s cat

Johnelle: the banana yellow pants are a bit much

Madeline: ohhh, yeah

Subashiny: I don’t like this spectrum

Does not match at all

Madeline: it does hurt the eyes

Ashe: this is weird, they’ve got the trot singers and then the kpop singers poking fun at the trot singers

9:10 AM Madeline: I rather like YeongHwa’s ruffle… it’s got a colonial feel

Subashiny: The cravat needs to get out of here

Last person to pull that off was the blond from scooby doo

And even then, not really

Madeline: I’ll take it!!!

9:11 AM Johnelle: he looks like he walked out from the movie Dracula in that… love him though

Ashe: yes some real singing

Madeline: YES!!! Secret Garden OST!!!!

Ashe: davichi

Johnelle: Davichi! yessss.. such great voices

9:12 AM Madeline: or… not quite?

nope… not… my bad

but I do like this song

Ashe: those dancers are so unnecessary

Madeline: mmhmmm

but hey, they’re having a good time

9:13 AM   IU!

Johnelle: Yeah, I totally think you don’t always need back up dancers

Ashe: what the frick disney is going to sue

9:14 AM Johnelle: IU

Subashiny: You know, people give IU so much praise for her vocals

Ashe: IU is so cute I want kick her in the knee

Subashiny: But there are so many people in kpop that can out-sing her in a coma

Ashe: but she’s so cute!!!!!

9:15 AM Madeline: I like her…

Subashiny: I suppose…

Ashe: rarely do you get that in one whole package

slight sarcasm there lol

Subashiny: She’s so talented she can sing without the backing track and everything

Madeline: ooooh! Insomnia!!!

9:16 AM yay!

love this song…

Subashiny: Wheesung got me into kpop

When he was still with YG

He’s a  genuinely talented vocalist

He just needs to chill out with his end notes and stop using vibrato to support himself

Ashe: i think he tried a foray into the US

Subashiny: Did he?

9:17 AM I didn’t notice…

Ashe: yeah i remember reading about it but i don’t think anything materialized

Madeline: whoa. Davichi and IU backing Wheesung

Ashe: ok IU is out of place

Subashiny: oh no…

Johnelle: Not a big fan of  Wheesung ducks but he has a great voice

9:18 AM Subashiny: clip your hands guys


Johnelle: maybe I don’t like him because he wrote A~ing

Subashiny: Yeah, that was dumb


Someone take her off stage

Johnelle: weird collab

Subashiny: She’s bothering me

9:19 AM Is this the maknae special stage?

Johnelle: some of the idols are tweeting from the show so far I saw Eunjung and Zinger tweet- don’t they take their phones away or something

Ashe: lifestyles of the rich and overworked

Subashiny: AWWWW

Johnelle: ah  maknaes yeah

Subashiny: Taeminnie

9:20 AM Ashe: me thinks some  peeps are lipsyncing

9:21 AM Madeline: whoa. they’re so obviously not singing

Subashiny: I know I shouldn’t do this

But their accents are making me laugh

Seohyun’s so brave

Johnelle: I’m  like yur rrringleadurrr

Madeline: lol

Ashe: snsd member gets special entrance of course

9:22 AM Johnelle: Oh of course, you know SME is the most powerful and influential company in Kpop

Madeline: I think Taemin’s makeup was a little too dark… he was looking kinda Michael Jackson

Johnelle: oooh Tiger JK, supreme Team – LOVE Simon D

9:24 AM Madeline: music makes me high, too

Ashe: wish Tasha were here too

Johnelle: you never know she always pops in every once in a while

Subashiny: They need to stop showing Jooyeon’s dead pan face on camera

9:28 AM Johnelle: Supreme Team is really kickin’ it up these days

Ashe:  ahaha Hara clapping and smiling so cutely to hip-hop

9:30 AM Johnelle: that might be better than SHINee trying to act gangsta

Madeline: commercial break, say whut

Johnelle: wtf they cut them short

Ashe: ahhh always cutting off the hip hop

Johnelle: oh HoMin

9:31 AM Ashe: love me some korean commercials

Madeline: do they usually. have TV commercials for album releases?

9:32 AM ’cause there was totally a commercial for DBSK’s new album

Johnelle: not sure but that LG U+ CF was pretty funny

Ashe: really?!? missed the DBSK thing

Madeline: I liked the coke one

the DBSK one was right after the commercial break

9:33 AM Ashe: what a clusterf**k that’s going to be

Madeline: didja catch TOP in the Optimus Mach commercial?

Madeline: can I call dibs on doing an article for TOP’s CF?

Ashe: grumbles go ahead

Madeline: yesss!!!

Johnelle: didn’t it come out a while back? You’ll probably have to fight Ashe and Nia over it

9:36 AM Ashe: i gave my blessing

now  nia…..

Madeline: ^_^

Johnelle: Ashe? must be the Christmas spirit..

9:37 AM Ashe: my heart grew a size today

-grew Madeline: hooray for Christmas!

Johnelle: I did notice TOP sitting behind of SHINee earlier and I was thinking in what world would TOP be sitting behind of SHINee

and then I thought , Oh a SME world

9:38 AM Ashe: and what would he be thinking

Subashiny: I think he was sitting behind junho from 2pm

Johnelle: oh a JYPE world then?

9:39 AM Subashiny: Height order maybe?

Madeline: aaand it’s back!

Johnelle: Jae Suk!

Madeline: lol, Subi

Johnelle: rofl, height, good one Subi

9:40 AM whoa I thought the CFs were over

Ashe: well gotta make up for the rest of the show i guess

Madeline: yeah, it was a fake-out… that happened at the beginning, too…

9:41 AM Ashe: korean commercials are so…comforting though

like they could lull me to sleep

Madeline: that yo-ha-im stuff is good, no lie

esp the peach one

9:42 AM Ashe: ha at kpopflash the streamer is playing minesweeper during the commericials

9:43 AM Johnelle: Siwon just tweeted “Don’t call us slaves. All we want to do is to be a good pop culture icon !” I wonder if he just saw the MTV show.

Madeline: aww… oppa is a good pop culture icon

Ashe: ohh, mtv gave a negative portrayal of them?

9:44 AM but…SME is not helping in that department

Johnelle: I think they talked a lot about “slave contracts” read about it- must watch it

9:45 AM Madeline: I don’t think they said that much about ‘slave contracts’….

it’s back!!!

round two, go!

9:46 AM Ashe: love that hot air balloon graphic

Johnelle: After School

I wonder if Bekah left Hawaii

Ashe: hmm when you think about it, ‘music factory’ is quite appropriate for a kpop show

9:47 AM Johnelle: Bang was pretty cool and the fact that they all learned how to play a snare drum and went all drum line

Madeline: I wonder what the audience did during the commercial break…

9:50 AM Ashe: nooooo i want queen

Madeline: agree

Johnelle: did anyone like Dambi’s new stuff?

Subashiny: Nope

Ashe: only queen

Subashiny: I don’t Dam Bi is talented

9:51 AM Ashe: and even then grudgingly

Subashiny: She can barely sing into a mic

Ashe: wasn’t she called a female Rain at one point?

Subashiny: I know she’s called a dancing queen

Even though, she’s nothing special in that area

9:52 AM Ashe: she’s definitely not better than say, BoA

Yaaay [queen]

9:53 AM Subashiny: hail naw

Or Hyori

Ashe: lol

9:54 AM music factory, where we churn out idols at the rate of one group a minute

Madeline: Yay! FT Island  mention!!!

9:55 AM ok, random pairing….

who is REI?

Johnelle: That’s exactly what I was thinking

Ashe: i wonder if the show had the decency to let them play their instruments

9:56 AM Madeline: Whoa, is SeungHyun doing a colonial ‘do?

yep, that baby pony in the back totally sets him up for a 1776 thing…

9:57 AM Johnelle: Love Love Love Hongki

Madeline: He’s mine!! (I’ll relinquish my dibs after I secure SiWon)

9:58 AM do not love HongKi’s hair…

Subashiny: I like this song

Madeline: LOL


Subashiny: I wish it just wasn’t so OFFENSIVE

I want to forward the MV to an American tribe

Ashe: why don’t the girls ever get to do guy songs?

Subashiny: And have them sue

Because it’s not as funny

Ashe: like indian boy

10:03 AM Subashiny: Oh that’ another one

But MC Mong had  his comeuppance

Johnelle: That T-ara song was Bad – why would Beast do it, ugh

Subashiny: T-ara needs more vocal stamina

Ashe: t-ara always seem so blank on stage

Subashiny: And stop letting the backing track do all the work

10:04 AM Madeline: oooh, dance break!

I need to learn this one

10:05 AM me: oh i saw you


Madeline: me, too!

Madeline: LOVE this song!!!!!!

10:06 AM uh, oh…sound wasn’t goin’ right…

Ashe: i like the combined stages but i don’t think these guys had enough practice

10:07 AM Johnelle: Yeah, I liked this song so cute. Hmmm T-ara match well as back up dancers…

Ashe: backhanded compliment?

Madeline: get ready for haters picking on the T-ara members dancing with their favorites…

Johnelle: naw sarcastic dig





Johnelle: oooh  minho chained up!


Madeline: why is Jonghyun the only one in a cage?

Subashiny: Because he can’t dance

10:09 AM Madeline: lol

Ashe: he’s being punished for dating like a normal human being

Madeline: LOL!!!!

Subashiny: One thing I really like/respect about SHINee if their tremendous amount of talent

10:10 AM They function beyond the backing track

And their dancing…wow

As a dancer, I envy


10:11 AM Madeline: whuh-oh, more mic troubles…

Ashe: just when we were giving props to the PDs

Subashiny: WHY????????????

10:12 AM Ashe: LUNA WTF

Johnelle: SHINee> Lucifer…. Luna! SM hijinx

Subashiny: I like her

But really

Johnelle: Victoria!

10:13 AM Subashiny: All the GD TOP signs during a SHINee performance

10:14 AM

Madeline: oooh, who’s mystery???

Johnelle: CN Blue! Whooooooooo

Madeline: I like this mix…

Ashe: it better be someone good

Madeline: I know one of the sax dudes!!

10:15 AM Ashe: sax improves everything

Madeline: well… he goes to my church…

Johnelle: uh what just happened

Ashe: madeline if i knew what you looked like…

Madeline: (some of my friends clued me in)

Ashe: voodoo doll

Madeline: LOL

I suppose I’d better protect my image…

10:16 AM Johnelle: Ashe what happened to the big heart

Madeline: you’re always welcome to come to my church with me!

Subashiny: Wait, so they got a sax player from Canada?

Ashe: i told you it grew but not by how much

Madeline: No, I live in Korea…

Johnelle: CN Blue and DJ KOO

10:17 AM Madeline: and the sax player is from my Korean church

who is DJ KOO?

Johnelle: mean  remix

the DJ dude

10:19 AM Ashe: uhoh

Johnelle: 2NE1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subashiny: I hated “Go Away” until I heard aliks’ remix

Ashe: you know 2ne1 almost asploded our site

Johnelle: hated it until the live performances

I still say that the MV was bad

Madeline: this is a pretty good remix, I think

10:20 AM Subashiny: I thought the concept was random

Ashe: CL’s voice has gotten way too nasally for me

Subashiny: But I thought it was pretty gutsy

To have him hit her

10:21 AM Madeline: oooh, she fake beat him up

Ashe: i guess that was to make up for the video

10:22 AM  Subashiny: They need to stop putting so much eye liner on Bom

she looks like she’s sleeping

Johnelle: were the fur things popular before Go Jun Pyo and BOF?

10:23 AM Subashiny: Does anyone know how long this is supposed to be?

Madeline: who’s on the piano?

Ashe: minzy you are too good

Subashiny: She really is

Subashiny: She’s the youngest but the best performer

10:24 AM And the most talented

Johnelle: minzy is my fave , I like her voice best too

10:25 AM Ashe: lol that one line dara gets

Madeline: hmmm… Dara’s hair… I like it…

Subashiny: The guy does a turn on the apa’s

That I like

Madeline: the loose braids look cool

Subashiny: I don’t like the apa’s on the actual track

10:26 AM Johnelle: At first his voice grated, but it actually matches

Ashe: what

Madeline: kekeke random DongHo and Kevin

10:27 AM Subashiny: I’m going to brush my teeth and nom on something


Madeline: LOVE this song!!!

of course, I know it from Elvis…

Johnelle: hmmm they keep trying the reggae thing

10:28 AM Ashe: yeah as long as dara’s there i’m not buying it

Madeline: Dara looks like she’s really enjoying herself

10:31 AM Johnelle: Who is this dude? By the way everyone got up and started dancing, I’m guessing we should know?

Ashe: yeah that’s what i was thinking

10:32 AM Madeline: yeah

Ashe: time for some research before i get bitched out by a reader

10:33 AM Madeline: lol

Ashe: did anyone say how long this is supposed to be?

dang it’s long

10:34 AM Madeline: Kim Geun Mo

Ashe: this is the “cutest” i’ve ever seen 2ne1 act

Johnelle: I like it

10:36 AM Madeline: lol at Beast dancing along

Subashiny: JYP and SM should feel intimidated

10:37 AM Madeline: yeah, that is def short hair on Dara

Ashe: to be fair jyp had a pretty good year

Ashe: depressing music

10:38 AM time for 2am

Madeline: oooh, answer the phone, already!!

Johnelle: 2AM, aww come on Ashe they had a great year

Ashe: i know but damn can they never be happy?

Madeline: they did. and I’ve secured all their albums, I think…s

Johnelle: everyone needs some depressing music sometiime

Madeline: lol

10:39 AM Subashiny: To back Ashe up, they’re ALWAYS depressing

Johnelle: JYP needs to give them happier songs

Madeline: I love JinWoon… he’s one of my noona crushes

Subashiny: JYP needs to start producing their songs

Madeline: hmmmm… I wonder how you would do a happy ballad…

Ashe: once jyp latches onto something that works he will run it into the ground

Subashiny: I feel like he neglects them

10:40 AM

Johnelle: yup, they had to fight to get popular and the 2PM fiasco probably helped

Madeline: I like the background picture

Subashiny: The screen is a genius idea

Instead of building different sets

Ashe: barren trees, stormy clouds, dark castles

Johnelle: baek ji young

10:41 AM Madeline: I wonder if their puppeteers are trainees…

Subashiny: They can just throw on a new back drop

Madeline: or just dancers…

Ashe: where are 2AM’s sunshine and palm trees

10:42 AM Madeline: lol,

Subashiny: I don’t want to distract

Johnelle: it’s a depressing song, hellooo


Johnelle: sunshine and palm  trees are happy times

Ashe: oh finally kinda happy 2am

10:48 AM

Subashiny: Didn’t Nicole spend time in the states?

Why is she speaking Engrish?

Ashe: oh it’s KARA!

10:49 AM Ashe: I like them but I can’t stand their voices

Johnelle: KARA- their dances are addictive

Subashiny: Their voices sound the same

High and slightly screechy

Johnelle: I think Nicole looked better before. I felt like clobbering Key when I heard he told her to lose weight

Subashiny: Key is pretty skinny himself

Subashiny: He probably felt his masculinity was threatened

10:53 AM

Subashiny: But instead of gaining some weight himself

He WOULD tell her to lose

Subashiny: SNSD please kick KARA’s ass

10:54 AM Johnelle: Yeah, my least favorite of KARA’s newer stuff

Ashe: its like the lesser of two evils really

Madeline: lol, amen

Subashiny: HYOYEON!

10:55 AM Madeline: they’re so going to throw off those white capes…

Ashe: booty shorts and tight tops

Madeline: mmhmm, something like that

Johnelle: Does this remind anyone else of like that “girl of all Seasons” from Grease 2

must be the clothes

Ashe: yeah! kinda

10:56 AM i can totally see snsd doing something like that unironically

Johnelle: so far I would say they are not kicking KARA’s butt

Subashiny: Minho is not a good replacement for Siwon

Madeline: kaaaahhh. were is my SiWon!!!?????

Madeline: I wonder why the gun was wrapped up?

10:57 AM Subashiny: Safety reasons

Ashe: standards and practices

Madeline: and a fake gun?

Johnelle: Minho and Yuri fact or crap?

Subashiny: CRAP

He’s a baby

Johnelle: he’s only two? years younger

10:58 AM Subashiny: But he’s so innocent

Madeline: my Kindergarten kids were singing this today…

Subashiny: She went on a date with Taeyang, remember?

From Taeyang to Minho?

I don’t think so

Imagine Han Byul going from Seven to Seungri?

Johnelle: I hate what they did to Sunny’s hair

Ashe: whoa that’s a drop

Madeline: yeah, it’s pretty bad… but so is HyoYeon’s…

10:59 AM Subashiny: They’re always sloppy with Hyoyeon

Johnelle: but hyoyeon’s was always effed- the stylist noonas hate her

11:00 AM Ashe: fans, this is why we can’t have nice things

Madeline: lol at this arriving/running thru the airport…

11:01 AM  Subashiny: This is like something from WWE

Madeline: not like they weren’t already spotted in the audience…

lol, Subi, so true

Johnelle: 2PM will rock you!? lol

Ashe: we are rebels

we are BEASTS

11:02 AM Subashiny: You know the hottest time of day is actually 3 pm?

Johnelle: ooooh bad remix

Madeline: LOL

Johnelle: lol

Madeline: but at least very little running man so far

Johnelle: don’t try saying that to Hottest

Ashe: i kinda feel 2pm  are almost becoming a parody of themselves

Subashiny: If Taecyeon  rips his shirt off one more time…

Madeline: what is up with the flag twirlers on the sides????

11:03 AM Ashe: flag twirling is rock and roll?

11:04 AM Subashiny: Can this end?

Ashe: oh and don’t forget BEASTLY

Madeline: cool dance break, at least…

Ashe: have no idea what’s going on

Madeline: insanity, that is all…

11:05 AM Johnelle: this is bad…

Madeline: those flags need to be burned and never seen/heard from again

Subashiny: I can’t stand JYP

Not as a company

Or a producer

But as everything else

11:06 AM Madeline: this is a really retarded dance…

Ashe: damn, he just can’t help himself

Johnelle: oh my, JYP really needs to get over himself. I appreciate him as a producer and all, but he is toooo much sometimes

Subashiny: The old man needs to go home and eat his apple sauce

Madeline: and the fact that it looks like he’s wearing knickers….

11:07 AM Subashiny: DROP HIM!!!

Johnelle: someone should just yank that rope right off the stage

Ashe: what’s with the air acrobatics

he had wonder girls up in the air too

Johnelle: he probably thinks its sexaaay

11:08 AM Ashe: are we doing something? finally

Madeline: he probably cut a deal – okay, we put my song toward the end, and I’ll let all my groups appear in Gayo Daejeon, mmkay?

Johnelle: I do have to admit, that when he performed with the Wonder Girls here in Hawaii he was really good

11:10 AM Subashiny: I don’t care what anyone says

I love “High High”

Their rapping kills

Madeline: still more??

Johnelle: it’s growing on me, but I’m such a Big Bang pushover

Madeline: but I love this song

Ashe: aww top i almost don’t want to see you

Subashiny: BLASPHEMY!

Johnelle: I love Se7en

11:11 AM Ashe: the hair makes me cry

Subashiny: I wear my sunglasses at night

Johnelle: this song was on serious replay for a month

Ashe: hey remember when he did that english song with lil kim

Subashiny: We may but i don’t think anybody else does

11:12 AM I wonder what she thought of him

Ashe: and he had glasses on the ENTIRE video

Madeline: lol

Johnelle: bad Ashe, don’t ruin this for me, lol.

Ashe: just saying

11:13 AM it was like they were trying to fool people into thinking he wasn’t Korean


Ashe: at least it’s….


11:14 AM Johnelle: Ashe, how could you have not wanted to see this

Madeline: yeah… I can’t stand TOP’s hair… it’s way too ridiculous

Ashe: look when you have a huge ink blot on a beautiful painting do you want to look at it?

Subashiny: He pulls it off

Johnelle: YES

Madeline: esp when paired w/ the harry potter glasses

Subashiny: In a way that not many can



Madeline: mmmhmmm

Ashe: as always

Subashiny: Is this  the “Tipsy” instrumental?

Ashe: I’ve learned to accept


but he’s starting to spread his taint to top and that ain’t cool

11:16 AM Subashiny: I kind of like the white hair

It makes him look angelic

And his devilish smirk and eyes contrast nicely

Madeline: GD looks like a weird homeless guy who raided a SalVal for a party outfit…

11:18 AM

Johnelle: love that like ninja part

Madeline: LOL that ghetto electro part totally cracks me up

Subashiny: G Dragon is like a little gremlin

Running around the stage like he’s had a whole lot of 4Loko

11:20 AM Madeline: esp after watching the eatyourkimchi bit about it

Ashe: but you know VIPs still think he’s sooo sexaaay

11:21 AM Subashiny: Oh of course

You know, I think that’s unfair

Because I am a DIE HARD Cassiopeia

But I will still admit that I wouldn’t touch Xiah with a ten foot pole

Ashe: every time i see Bom i think of that lettuce leaf

Johnelle: not the corn?

Ashe: lol ok that too

11:22 AM it’s like she looks good, but what did they make her do to get those legs

Madeline: YESSSSS



Ashe: super junior are pod people i knew it!

Madeline: My boys!!!!!!!

Subashiny: Aren’t they missing like 5 million members?

11:23 AM Ashe: LOL air punches

Madeline: I love how they shot this at a mall after it was closed

Ashe: they want to be in an action film so bad

Madeline: where is my SiWon???

Ashe: i don’t know this song but it’s better than Bonamana

Madeline: there he is!!!!!

Ashe: spoke too soon

11:26 AM Madeline: wearing a bathrobe???

Madeline: harm the coordi-noonas!!!

11:27 AM SiWon, I will avenge you!!!

Ashe: i think super junior was the very first thing i learned about kpop before i even knew what it was

and it blew my mind

Madeline:  me too, Ashe, me too

11:28 AM me: it’s like,  do they even need all of them?!?

11:29 AM and is it only me or does heechul always look like he’s half-assing in these performances?

Madeline: well… I cut him slack – he does have a metal rod in one of his legs…

me: ahhh

Subashiny: Heechul kind of sucks at what he does

11:30 AM His true idol talent is his personality

Johnelle: at  least  he’s still there

Subashiny: But in everything else, he is kind of lacking

Madeline: wait, that’s it?????

Subashiny: True, very true

If I could be any idol, I would be BoA

Ashe: seriously i can’t help but respect her

11:31 AM she’s one of the few female idols that looks like she knows what she’s doing up there

Johnelle: I  know people love her, but I haven’t found any of her new stuff impressive at all

11:32 AM Madeline: that clown dance looks fun… and challenging!

Subashiny: They should have had the SM hoobaes be back up dancers

11:33 AM Ashe: yeah i’m not a huge fan of BoA’s music but she knows how to sell a song

11:34 AM ok i kinda liked this song

Subashiny: It grows on it if you listen to it more

Madeline: me, too

Johnelle: Man, what I wouldn’t give to be able to go to one of these- like 4 hours of pure Kpop awesomeness

Subashiny: And ignore the nonsensicalness of the phrase “hurricane venus”

11:35 AM Johnelle: yeah, I have to admit I loathed this song, and slowly but surely, now I only dislike it.

Ashe: i would love to go to one of these but I think i would fall asleep honestly

Johnelle: lol

Subashiny: Not with TOP around

11:36 AM Ashe: well yeah you got me there

Johnelle: with all the screaming going on?

Ashe: i can sleep anywhere

Subashiny: You’d be surprised

Madeline: I’d be worrying about how to get home…

Ashe: anywhere

Johnelle: Awww looks like Suju and BoA closed the show


A few seconds later…….


Ashe: uh oh

Subashiny: YUNHO

Madeline: there it was again!!!

Subashiny: YUNHO



I swear, I’m okay

Ashe: crap is going down

Johnelle: Man, I don’t know about HoMin

11:40 AM Johnelle:

Yup, thanks for joing all- so last words on overall impression of the show best performance?

Ashe: well it didn’t change my mind that 2010 was kind of mediocre for kpop

Johnelle: missed the first hour, but of the 3 hours i saw..it was entertaining

11:42 AM Ashe: i always like performances

but better songs people!

or more catchy songs

Johnelle: Didn’t think any of the performances were outstanding – best probably 2AM with Baek Ji-young and 2NE1 with that dude – oh and Se7en GDTOP just because.  Tiger JK and Supreme Team if it wasn’t cut off…

11:43 AM bye

Ashe: We out!

So, to wrap up, the show was long, the show was entertaining, and the foretold preview of TVXQ (0.4) is a clear harbinger of the upcoming apocolypse.

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