Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s your news:


  • The co-CEO of restaurant chain Hanilkwan passed away this week from suffering secondary infection after she was bitten by Super Junior member Siwon‘s family dog. The two families were neighbours, residing in the same apartment complex; the incident occurred at a building lift. As per the deceased’s brother, Siwon’s repeated apologies and remorse have been accepted, and the family will not be filing any charges. Siwon also posted a public apology to Instagram. The forgiveness hasn’t extended to netizens, as expected, with many calling for Siwon to be removed from the cast of new K-drama Revolutionary Love, especially with reports coming out alleging the dog’s previous behavioural issues and the fact that it was not on a leash or otherwise restrrained at the time of the tragic incident. We at Seoulbeats extend our condolences to the grieving family.
  • An actor recently sentenced for sexually harassing an actress during filming has been revealed to be Jo Deok-jae. Jo claims that his actions were for a scene being shot and that the film’s director had presented as though the actress had consented to the scene. The director then fired back that Jo was lying, and that he would elaborate after the actress had given her public statement on the 26th.
  • Gil, formerly of Leessang, was sentenced to two years’ probation for his third drink driving offence.
  • Amber added her voice to the #MeToo hashtag on Twitter, writing about how the frequency of sexual harassment and assault has made her and others become “numb.” The hashtag was started after many Hollywood figures openly came out to name producer Harvey Weinstein as a serial sexual predator. There are many of us with our own #MeToo stories; we at Seoulbeats recognise and believe you, and encourage you to take care of yourselves during this tiring time. If you or somone you know is feeling distressed, a list of resources can be found here.
  • And as if to underscore how much crap women put up with, A Pink started receiving renewed bomb threats, allegedly from the same man who had sent similar threats months prior.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Highlight dropped “Can Be Better” in time for the anniversary of some group called Beast, they must be huge fans.
  • BtoB are “Missing You” in their new MV.
  • Produce 101 Season 2 offshoot JBJ released “Fantasy.”
  • The Barberettes continue their seasonal releases with “Fall is Coming.”
  • A.C.E have ditched the short shorts, but you can still see some cactus in their new MV, “Callin’.” Our reviewer observed that the MV works both aesthetically and symbolically — which reading do you prefer?
  • Station put out four remixes of Exo‘s “Power” for this week’s release. Which is your favourite?

Teasers & Announcements

  • Epik High have done something wondeful and we will get to experience it real soon!
  • SM are teasing something on Instagram for the 26th.
  • Coridel Entertainment will finally hit the Playback, with the group making their return to K-pop on the 28h.
  • On the 30th, Twice are back with the Instagram-themed Twicetagram and “Likey.”
  • Meanwhile, November is shaping up to be an big month for K-pop releases. Those entering the fray include:
    • Astro are first off the block with Dream Part.02 on the 1st.
    • Super Junior are back on the 6th with Play on their 12th anniversary
    • Seventeen are also back on the 6th with Teen,age
    • Continuing the lunar theme of their last release, EXID‘s upcoming album, out on the 7th, will be called Full Moon
    • Monsta X are also out with new music on the 7th with Protocol Terminal.
    • And new Block B also out on the 7th makes three!
    • Gugudan return on the 8th without Soyee, who is recuperating from a shoulder injury.
    • Wanna One will be “Nothing Without You” if you don’t support their repackage on the 13th.
  • Other comebacks on the horizon include:
  • Chanmi, most recently of Produce 101 fame, will be debuting in four member outfit High Color.
  • Big Bang will be holding two year-end concerts on December 30 and 31, sans T.O.P.

Other News

  • Five years after their debut, Nu’est have won their first music show trophy, taking out top spot on M!Countdown as Nu’est W.
  • Popera singer Lim Hyung-joo will be carrying out his military service as a welfare worker caring for the elderly. Lim had originally been part of the military brass band; however, a claw foot diagnosis meant he was unable to wear the prescribed military footwear, leading to a change in assignment.
  • And voting for this year’s MAMAs is officially open — let the bloodbath commence!

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