Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of SB Week in Review! This week has been quite eventful, so let’s get straight into it:


  • Kim Woo-bin has been diagnosed with Nasophryngeal cancer, a rare condition that affects the upper pharynx. Well wishes have poured in from friends, colleagues, and fans alike, as the actor prepares to undergo chemotherapy. We at Seoulbeats wish him all the best on his journey to recovery.
  • Busan International Film Festival co-founder and current festival programmer Kim Ji-seok passed away this week after suffering a heart attack at Cannes. We extend our condolences to Kim’s family and loved ones at this time.
  • After seven years, Sistar have announced their disbandment, making “Lonely” their last release.
  • Vixx’Ravi spoke out against those who have been accused of plagiarising his group.
  • Meanwhile, Ravi’s groupmate Ken had to release an apology after netizens caught him writing down swear words. The note, meant to be jokingly about Ravi, was inadvertently revealed during a special anniversary video uploaded to Vixx’s YouTube channel.
  • As reported last week, BTS won the Top Social Artist, an online vote-based award, at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. The win has brought the group — and its attentive fandom — to the attention of Western media outlets, but also new drama. In addition to the expected wariness surrounding the increased Western attention, articles claiming BTS to be more socially conscious than other K-pop groups has upset fans. There have also been claims of an alleged Korean media blackout despite wide coverage of the news, and backlash against recently-disgraced YouTuber Pewdiepie‘s fanboying. On a more positive note, news of the win did interrupt regular broadcasting, and congratulatory messages have been pouring in from Korean and American celebs.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Soloist Joo released “Late in the Morning.”
  • Ex-Winner member Nam Tae-hyun and his new band, South Club, have released their debut single. Even Yang Hyun-suk‘s checked out “Hug Me,” have you?
  • If you are looking for a pop girl band, then Marmello may be right up your alley!
  • Our reviewer felt that Fiestar‘s Yezi didn’t surprise in “Anck Su Namum.” What do you think?
  • Seventeen‘s new sound has impressed our reviewer.
  • iKon are back with “Bling Bling” and “B-day” — you can read our review of both tracks here.
  • K-pop Star 6 Kriesha Chu debuted with the Junhyung-co-produced “Trouble.”
  • Loco returns with LP Bleached.
  • KNK are back with “Sun.Moon.Star.”
  • 24K released “Only You.”
  • B.I.G dropped “HelloHello.”
  • MAP6 put out “I’m Ready.”
  • Chrome‘s K-much has re-debuted as Be.A.
  • Loona‘s Kim Lip released “Eclipse.”
  • This week’s Station release is “Nostalgia” from Kim Se-hwang and Trax‘s Jungmo.
  • CJ E&M held its first ever IdolCon, dubbed the domestic version of Kcon, in Seoul this weekend.

Teasers & Announcements

  • On the 29th:
    • Highlight‘s “Calling You” will be out.
    • Astro are returning with “Baby”.
  • Sistar’s last single together, “Lonely,” will be out on the 31st.
  • Hyoyeon will be recruiting San E for her comeback single “Wannabe” on the 1st.
  • Suran‘s first mini album, Walking’, will be out on the 2nd.
  • On the 7th:
  • Chungha‘s debut solo mini will be out on the 8th!
  • Hunus Entertainment‘s Elris continue to ramp up to their debut.
  • B.A.P‘s Jongup and Daehyun will be forming a sub-unit.
  • Boyfriend will be getting a comeback this summer!
  • CL will be featured on Lil Yachty‘s upcoming album, Teenage Emotions.
  • Steve Aoki teased a possible collab with BTS.
  • Jang Geun-seuk will be making his return to film after six years, with Kim Ki-duk‘s The Time of Humans.
  • After being exported to the US, tvN‘s Grandpas Over Flowers will also have an Italian and all-female Turkish versions.
  • Actress Park Shin-hye will be embarking on an Asia fanmeet tour, with proceeds going to charity.
  • Shinhwa have cancelled their upcoming Japan tour, citing insufficient preparation by the organiser.

Other News

  • Kim Tae-hee and Rain are expecting! Kim is 15 weeks into her pregnancy — congrats to the couple!
  • Twice became the first group to reach 200 million views on YouTube, with “TT” — congrats to the group!
  • Brown Eyed Girls maknae Gain was hospitalised this week, apparently due to fatigue. Wishing her a full recovery.
  • Super Junior maknae Kyuhyun began his military service this week. K-pop’s #1 ballad fan (who can sing other stuff, too) will be serving as a public officer, due to injuries sustained from Super Junior’s 2007 car accident. He also released a special song, “Goodbye For Now,” which you can hear in our weekly playlist (above).

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