Hello everyone, hope you all had a good weekend!

As we approach the end of 2016, awards season has kicked off and will soon be joined by the three Gayos. As a precursor, we had this weekend’s Super Seoul Dream Concert (not to be confused with the K-pop Dream Concert), which saw many of the acts that promoted throughout the year return to the same stage. The concert was streamed live on Korean video service Afreeca TV.


It was great to see all the groups out there, especially those we may miss during awards season. My personal highlights included seeing Shinee, Nu’est, G-Friend, and Seventeen perform. I also welcomed AOA bringing back “Heart Attack,” though I understand why people were upset at that track being performed over other, better, songs from the group. And it was great seeing F.T. Island returning to perform as well! The lights and pyrotechnics really showed up for that stage.


And, of course, there’s EXID. “L.I.E” has grown on me, but what got me really excited was seeing the group perform their breakthrough hit, “Up & Down” Part of me keeps thinking that the group will make like Beyoncé with “Single Ladies” and eventually pull the song from rotation altogether, making it imperative that I enjoy every live performance I get of this song; but then the other part of me rationalises that EXID and Beyoncé have very different career trajectories, and it’s likely that the five will be rhythmically thrusting their pelvises until disbandment.


Readers, did you catch the concert? What were your favourite performances? And when were you most frustrated by the camerawork?

(YouTube. Image via: Afreeca TV)