Like many a circa-late 2020’s international K-pop fan, my early K-pop listening years were overwhelmingly boy group dominated. Boy group content was much more readily available in the US, and to the untrained ear, the bubblegum style of pop that many girl groups thrive in takes some getting used to. That’s not to say that I didn’t listen to female artists: women soloists in particular dominated my K-pop and K-indie playlists. But it took me longer than it probably should have to really understand the appeal of K-pop girl groups.

Well, I have officially seen the light! In the last twelve months especially, my playlists have taken a distinct turn for the girl group-centric, with late third and early fourth generation groups in particular claiming lots of space in my K-pop heart. My love for girl groups has gotten so big that I can present to you today’s mixtape, a collection of some of my favorite b-sides from girl groups whose music has captivated me. For newbie girl groups fans like myself, I hope you find something here that piques your interest. And for well-established girl group devotees, let me know in the comments what girl group b-sides are brightening up your playlists!