Hot weather and I don’t get along, so summer is decidedly not my favorite season. Where I live, it is humid as well as hot, so most summer days you can find me being a spoiled and grumpy princess in the corner of an air-conditioned room, clutching my ice water like it’s a life raft. This summer, I’m even less alone than usual in my heat-induced misery, as large swaths of the world are heating up to scarily unprecedented levels.

All this has got me craving a cool down. This mixtape is a collection of K-pop that feels summery yet chill, like a glass of cold lemonade on a sunny day, or the refreshing ocean breeze of a summer’s night. There’s a time lapse within this playlist too. The first half is meant for daylight hours, and then SF9’s “Into the Night” heralds a transition into evening-worthy tunes. If you are as hot as I am right now, I hope this mixtape contains a song or two that will make you feel cool, in temperature and, of course, in style.