20151214_seoulbeats_exo_lay_singforyouWelcome to the first Week in Review for October 2016! The flood of releases shows no signs of letting up, with more to come. Here’s what to look out for:

Serious News

  • After weeks of social media posts from SM idols about stalking and harassment, the company actually released a warning to fans on their website. It remains to be seen what further action will be taken, but at least SM is finally on the anti-harassment bandwagon.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • If “What U Need” right now is a pick-me-up, Lay dropped a free single for his birthday!
  • Sechskies marked their return to K-pop with “Three Words.”
  • Ailee goes for a different sound in new single “Home,” and it works for her! The assist from Yoon Mi-rae doesn’t hurt either, though it would have been nice to see her in the MV, too.
  • Shinee — sorry, 5HINee — commit to the ’90s in a big way with “1 of 1.” Our reviews of the MV and album will be up as soon as we recover from the nostalgia of it all.
  • Monsta X are back with “Fighter” and a MV straight form the Upside Down, or something. I don’t have Netflix, so don’t ask me about Stranger Things.
  • Park Hyo-shin is back with “Beautiful Tomorrow.”
  • Sandeul made his solo debut with “Stay As You Are.”
  • FNC‘s first ever male dance group, SF9, debuted with “Fanfare.”
  • 20161008_seoulbeats_loona_heejinNu’est‘s Minhyun and JR team up for “Daybreak.”
  • High4 sub-unit High4 20 are here with “Hook-ga.”
  • This week’s Station release has Alesso messing with Chen‘s voice for a Korean version of “Years.”
  • Got7‘s Youngjae is the latest to join Soundcloud.
  • I think this is technically a pre-debut single, but I quite like “Vivid” from Heejin, of upcoming girl group Loona.

Teasers & Announcements

  • I didn’t watch their survival show, but I’m looking forward to Pentagon‘s debut on the 10th for Jin-ho. Who else is excited?
  • Ladies’ Code will be making a comeback with “Stranger.”
  • S.E.S will be having a reunion for their 20th anniversary!
  • Remember those BTS short films? Well, turns out they are solo tracks for each member of the group, and they will all be included in upcoming album Wings.
  • A.De will be making a comeback sometime in the future.
  • The upcoming Bakhyun-Chen-Xiu Min sub-unit isn’t the first Exo unit, but I hope these “Reservoir Idols” keep the silly antics coming. I won’t be upset if I get another ballad — just disappointed.
  • 100% have made their way out of the K-pop wilderness for “Time Leap.”
  • Seventeen celebrated 500 days since debut by naming their official colours. First Twice, now Seventeen — who else is loving this multiple colours trend? We thought symbols would be the solution to K-pop’s colour wars, but this works, too!
  • Is this the teaser for CL‘s next US debut single?
  • Forget Hong Kong — Chanyeol is taking us to America for an assist in Far East Movement and Marshmello‘s upcoming single, “Freal Love,” which will also feature Tinashe.
  • Hyuna is the latest Muse to leave Nine Muses. She wrote a weet letter to fans, but it’s still sad to see more members leave.

20161008_seoulbeats_stellar_gayoung_harryparkytOther News

  • Kahi gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Congrats to the new family!
  • An update on injuries:
    • Crayon Pop‘s Soyul will be sitting out of “Doo Doom Chit” promotions as she treats her anxiety disorder. It’s good to hear about idols taking care of their mental health, and we wish Soyul a full recovery.
    • G-Friend‘s Um-ji will be taking time off to heal a sprained thigh muscle. Wishing her a full recovery!
    • GirlsGirls will halt activities while Miso recovers from illness. She was initially misdiagnosed, so here’s hoping for a full and effective recovery.
    • Aaaaand Stellar‘s Ga-young performed at a live event in a neck brace. Not sure on the specifics, but The Entertainment Pascal continues its emotional manipulation of fans. At least it’s not connected to the members’ sexuality this time? Hopefully Ga-young gets the treatment and rest she needs.

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