20160730_seoulbeats_exom_chen_redvelvet_yeri_smtownwonderland_instagramHello everyone, and Happy Sunday!

This is a particularly busy weekend, as a number of Seoulbeats writers take on Kcon LA 2016. If you made it to the Staples Center this year, be sure to catch our staff and alumni at the convention’s panels, or just enjoying the experience! You can also check out our past Kcon experiences here.

I’m not at Kcon, but today is a special day nonetheless — it’s Harry Potter’s birthday, and author J.K. Rowlings’ too! In addition, the newest entry to the HP universe, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, hit shelves this weekend; and we are inching closer to the theatrical release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

So, my question today is: which Hogwarts house are you, or would be, sorted into? I’ve always been a Ravenclaw; how about you?

And what house do you think your biases would be sorted into? K-pop is no stranger to using HP material in their music, and I bet at least one idol has a Pottermore account. You can see my guesses in the comments below; let me know what you think, and share your guesses, too!

(Images via: FNC Ent., Instagram)