seoulbeats_20150618_angrymom7Happy Sunday, everyone!

Today is Mother’s Day in many countries around the world, mainly Western ones. In other regions, the day is celebrated at a different time, or in a different way — such as South Korea. which honours guardians of all gender identities with the Parents’ Day holiday.

If you had special plans for today, I hope they went swimmingly!

Parents are important characters in K-dramas, and not just because their will usually becomes part of the central conflict for our protagonists — especially… Well, name a dramma with chaebol parents. But we also get treated to supportive loving and hilarious parents, too, like in the Reply series (or, Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa three times over), Angry MomI Hear Your Voice and more. And of course, sometimes the chaebol parents surprise us — or we just love to hate them.

My favourite K-drama parent would have to be the Reply 1997 parents: Si-won and her dad were a hoot and a half, but her mum reminds me a lot of my mum in how she always made enough food to feed a village. You think they were exaggerating for humour? You have not met my mother.

What are some of your favourite K-drama mums (and dads), readers?

And if you are in the mood for some sentimental tunes, Madi made a special Parents’ Day mixtape this week.

(Images via: tvN, MBC)