20160515_seoulbeats_eurovision_jamala_afpHello everyone, and Happy Sunday!

This weekend was a big one, as it saw the Eurovision Song Contest take place for a 61st time. In addition to Europe and other members of the EBU tuning in and partying it up, the US got to experience a live telecast, with commentators and everything, on LOGO. If you’re still not sure what the ESC is all about (and one viewing usually isn’t enough, to be honest), be sure to read our guide for K-pop fans.

Since Sweden won the competition last year with Måns Zelmerlöw‘s “Heroes,”42 entrants were whittled down to 26 finalists during the week, and the grand final was held on Saturday night, local time.

If you are watching a delayed broadcast (like Australia right now), I won’t reveal the winner here.. but the comments section is a free for all, so — spoiler alert — venture there at your own will!

Speaking of Australia, I am so proud of our entry this year, performed by Korean-born and Aussie-raised Dami Im (pictured, above). Hometown bias aside, I truly think she gave one of the best performances this year. Other performances I enjoyed include Ukraine (pictured, left), Spain, France, Bulgaria and Israel.

Something else I loved was the new voting system, which created so much suspense! My heart was in my throat the whole time, but that sensation is exactly what I want from a vote count so I enjoyed it!

Readers, did you catch Eurovision this year? Which were your favourite performances, and what other moments did you enjoy? Are you happy with the winner? Let me know in the comments below!

(Images via: AP, AFP)