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This week, in idols and music, we covered Super Junior‘s “Devil” MV and Devil album, Got7‘s Just Right album comeback, indie gem Peterpan Complex, Infinite‘s Reality album, A Pink‘s Pink Memory album comeback and “Remember” MV, the theme of apology in songs, Stellar‘s “Vibrato” MV comeback, TVXQ‘s Changmin‘s “Rise as One” MV and TVXQ’s Yunho‘s “Champagne” MV.

In fashion and TV topics, we looked at our favorite performances from last week’s music shows, photoshoots showing stars lazing around and Show Me the Money 4‘s first three episodes.

Our Sunday Social wished our Muslim readers and writers Eid Mubarak, and our Roundtable covered the power of words, particularly in relation to idols and apologies. Our Week in Review segment covered news from this past week.

Below are a few comments I wanted to highlight this week:

Novadestin on Show Me the Money 4, Ep. 1-3: Showing Up and Showing Out

It’s, sadly, refreshing to see someone be open minded about issues like Mino‘s rapping. I live spitting distance from Detroit and have heard WAY more controversial lyrics than his or even Black Nut‘s, but just because I’m not really bothered doesn’t mean others don’t have the right to be. What does bother me is people complaining that he apologized. I don’t care if you don’t find it personally offensive or even if he doesn’t, but don’t belittle the fact that he is acknowledging those who do and trying to make amends even if he himself and others might not feel he did anything wrong. It’s the respectful thing to do and I applaud him for it (even if it was just a faceless SNS post).

20150722_seoulbeats_stellar2Tia_ on Stellar Push the Envelope with “Vibrato”

“It is innuendo at its core and perhaps a big “fuck you” to the haters — showing that they’ll continue expressing themselves in whatever way they

You know, I’d have no problem with this MV if I knew the girls themselves made it and voluntarily created it to express that they can do whatever the hell they want with their sexuality. But somehow to me, this is just naive thinking. Deep down we all very well know that these girls are controlled by their company in pretty much every way, being contract-bound to do whatever their male bosses order them to do. And if it means showing their crotches, boobs and humping the floor in an extremely sexually explicit manner like in 1:20, then that’s what these girls have to do. There’s nothing really sexually liberating about that, it’s humiliating, embarrassing and probably even emotionally scarring.

I still remember when the group expressed how embarassed they felt during the “Marionette” promotions. Whatever message this MV is supposed to have is gimmicky and hypocritical.

Jazzy1105 on Roundtable: The Power of Words

The silence on Rap monsters part will always be the most disappointing about this mess. Honestly, it makes me not really like him as a person. Someone said that he apologized on twitter but I didn’t see any apology or remorse at all in anything he posted on twitter.

20140523_seoulbeats_infinite_season2_sunggyuWe’ve seen idols take responsibility for what they’ve done, Jackson being one of them, and Jonghyun being another and actually having a conversation with a fan, trying to learn from his fans. I even remember when Sunggyu called that women “yomul” on TV and woolliment tried covering it up by saying it was a misunderstanding and Sunggyu went over wooliment’s statement and took full responsibility saying that no it was not a misunderstanding, that what he said was wrong and he was generally sorry. Idols don’t have a lot of freedom I get that but I refuse to believe that they have no voice at all. I do feel that when international fans are upset there are generally less apologies which really tells you a lot about the “Hallyu” wave.

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