20121208_seoulbeats_gummyRemorse and regret are common themes in love songs. Someone always feels sorry about something. Perhaps a missed love connection, or ignoring your significant other until s/he inevitably dumped you out of frustration.

Ironically, despite some of the scandals that call for a real apology, it seems that it’s far easier to express repentance through song than any other platform. While we may not hear “I’m sorry” for actual issues, we can take some joy in hearing it for fictional heartache.

Obviously, this post has to include one of the most iconic K-pop songs known to all fans — Super Junior‘s “Sorry Sorry.” Unlike a lot of love songs using “sorry” as a means to convey remorse, this one focuses on being unable to deny feelings of attraction towards someone.

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry
First of all I, I, I
Fell for you, you, you
Fell, fell completely baby

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6QA3m58DQw?rel=0]

The repetitive chorus and electro-pop synth beat made this an infectious ear worm that’s impossible not to like. Fans can probably relate to Super Junior’s expression of being unable to ignore these feelings of attraction because of how catchy the song is. Fans have a tough time denying they love this song, so it’s not surprising for them to sing, “sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry” to any of their friends who aren’t into K-pop.

20130705_seoulbeats_myname4MYNAME turned up the drama in their MV for “Baby, I’m Sorry.” Although there was no love interest in the video, the lyrics told another story behind the scenes. The group sings about how they don’t deserve all of the love and attention they’re getting because they don’t reciprocate it as fairly as they should:

Baby, I’m sorry
I can go through this
Don’t ever worry about me
I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry
Those words that make you sad

It’s not easy to admit that you’re the one who allowed the relationship to falter. Sometimes, you must swallow your pride and acknowledge your faults. The song’s climatic build-up matched perfectly with the video, but it could’ve added more suspense if we saw a glimpse of their love interest waiting patiently for a phone call that would never come.

I can’t think of anyone who is sorry about the growth of Teen Top. From fresh-faced adolescents to fine, young men, their ascent into adulthood has come with a welcomed maturity as heard in “I’m Sorry.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI-VCWkTQu8?rel=0]

In their case, they plead with their lovers to work things out. They know they can overcome their issues if they simply talk things out. Teen Top wants to communicate their feelings instead of keeping them bottled up. The funky pop song blends just the right amount of R&B into the mix for a smooth jam that might make one reconsider giving Teen Top another chance at love.

Oddly enough, it feels like the ladies give more apologies for neglecting their diets or dating someone’s beloved oppa than they do for anything else. Still, Gummy repented for letting her lover down in “I’m Sorry,” begging for one more chance to see him. T.O.P features on this track, lending his deep, raspy voice to this apologetic song:

Please give me a chance
I was so sorry I ripped up all the letters
I just have something to say, give me a minute

Perhaps there are things that can’t be said in text and it’s best to confront the issues in person. Could that be why it’s so tough for idols to apologize in public? Do they feel some kind of displeasure in putting out a blanket statement that feels impersonal? Whatever the case may be, Gummy’s song still resonates strongly through her velvety vocals layered over a light pop beat.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERlf_9BW4iA?rel=0]

Finally, this couldn’t be helped because of the sheer irony of the situation. Of course, we must add “Just One Day” by BTS. To be fair, this song doesn’t really belong here since it’s about a desire to spend a magical day with someone special more than regretting anything. However, it was far too tempting not to include this because Rap Monster gives us all the apology we wish to hear — too bad it’s only at the beginning of his rap and has nothing to do with previous events. We can pretend it counts anyway!

I’m sorry, I think I’m too rational
But please give me a smile if you meet me someday
You will blame me a little, or a lot maybe

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTcKkcyS410?rel=0]

Regardless of whatever drama may befall our favorite idols next, let’s bear in mind that they are human and prone to mistakes. Despite what excuses fans will make on their behalf for shutting down when they screw up, at least it’s good to know that idols can express these emotions musically. I’m actually all for musical apologies, so if they can only do it in this form, then let’s start this trend!

What’s your favorite apologetic K-pop song?

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