20120401_seoulbeats_ptb_heartwarming_son_dadHappy Sunday, everyone, and a Happy Father’s Day to all the male-identifying parents out there!

Entertainment is always at hand when it comes to celebrating these occasions; this Father’s Day, why not revisit the influence of the Father of K-pop, Seo Tai-ji, rewatch some of your favourite K-drama dads in action, listen to musical odes to our guardian, laugh at and admire the celebrity papas on K-variety, or even go on an emotional journey with a typical Korean patriarch.

But I guess the question is, would you be doing the above with your father, and what would his reaction be? Is he also a fan of K-entertainment? Maybe he doesn’t mind what language something is in, as long as it entertains? Is he pouty because you like Big Bang more than him? Or does he just shake his head in confusion and resignation?

My Appa is largely indifferent to my K-pop interests, but his obsession with Chinese show If You Are The One makes me hope that he could be a good K-variety show (that gets broadcast on Aussie SBS) away from being sucked in.

Readers, what about your own fathers?

(YouTube. Images via: Dreaming Radio, SBS)