The Winner has come!

You, dear Seoulbeats readers, have voted valiantly, and chosen the Ultimate Jaejoong!

We started with 32 versions of the Pollslayer, and over five rounds saw that number dwindle until there was only one left standing: The Jaejoong who sang “Mine.”


You felt that this Jaejoong unleashed the most of his inner self with this song, moving away from pop and into the relatively new territory of rock. Our MV review also explored the influence of visual kei in Jaejoong’s styling.

“Mine” is not your average K-pop song, and as such it is a worthy choice for winner of our Ultimate Jaejoong Showdown. But…

While we were perplexed by it at first, we came to tolerate, then accept, then love, then obsess over, the idea of Jaejoong with cats. And considering that we already have a post dedicated to Mine!Jae, we’re going to turn the rest of this post over to Jaejoong and his furry friends.

After all, he’s a bit like a cat himself:


His love for cats could even be said to influence his career choices:

seoulbeats_19012013_jaejoong_jackal (2)
And of course, there’s always his love for Jiji:




All hail Jaejoong, Father of Cats!


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