• zemasrunner

    Beautiful MV for a beautiful MAN

  • libby152

    Thanks for the review. But one thing to note is that, Jaejoong is actually the most popular in Japan..

    • http://twitter.com/_10shiJ m.m. sair

      True. I agree. That is why I think Avex is trying their best to block JYJ them there, because Jaejoong is what Japan wants.

      • libby152

        tbh, i think what AVEX did was really dumb.. they should have honoured their contract with JYJ. JJ is so popular there. i heard the japanese fans are even placing an ad in Myeongdong for him for an entire month to promote his album.

        • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

          AVEX was pressured by SM. It’s not surprising.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynne-Jb/100000406459276 Lynne Jb

      I bet Avex must be regret to let JYJ go. Serve them right !!! LOL

  • http://twitter.com/jenknight18 jenknight18

    glad to see a review from an unbias point of view.. it’s refreshing to see approval from people who are not super fangirls as it can be just a hyped POV..
    but i did look at the author’s background first as i dont want to read snide comments from people with prejudices as well…

  • http://twitter.com/jenknight18 jenknight18

    the more positive comments we got from people who dont pretty much follow the whole DBSK ordeal and the more postive nod from people familiar with the rock genre..the more i can boast with pride on Jaejoong as a free artist who has control over the creative value of his work.
    He proves again and again the depth of his emotions, his capability to artistically express himself and the overwhelming talent that is waiting to be further exposed.. thank God for his freedom…

  • http://samsoondowntherabbithole.com/ dewaanifordrama

    Thanks for the great insight into pointing out the symbolism and making those connections. I am rather impressed with the album as a whole, but particularly “Mine” the more I listen to it.

  • safe belly

    I didn’t realize the snakes in the video was fake..

    • shannieluv33

      I think you read it wrong… The snakes are real.

      • safe belly

        oh yeah…. you’re right, must’ve been in a hurry when I read it yesterday night.. sorry guys, the snakes are real and they are very pretty….

        • aaskye

          oh shoot. i cracked up reading your reply. hahhhaa.

  • http://twitter.com/rainy_sun_ Rainy

    I don’t quite understand the sybolisms in MV and your articles but I feel Jaejoong’s emotion,the strong will to escape to freedom, the struggles along all these years both inside and out,the encourage to break free and make announcement.I love this man,he is a true fighter.Nobody can stop him from expressing himself.This MV is an art though they use some similar symbols but the story and the meaning behind is printed with Jaejoong’s mind.I love your review,thanks.

  • zemasrunner

    I don’t agree on the snake being fake, I think it’s a real one!

    • http://www.facebook.com/cheerchx Cheer Chen

      I think the white snake which is on the plate is a fake but the one around JJ’s body is a real one.

      • zemasrunner

        i really thought both were real! because i know JJ is not the type to be afraid of snakes so why bother spending more money on an almost real looking CG snake while u can have a real one!

      • safe belly

        if the white one real…to get the white snake to gaping widely at air like that.. must’ve been quite a challenge


    Thank you for this unbiased review, truly appreciate it!

  • http://twitter.com/cygnus63 Kelly Seong

    I was so impressed by this mv. It’s amazing that Jaejoong totally understand the concept of goth

  • Trinkets

    Trivia: I personally think its better if the snakes are fake- using wild animals in videos always makes me uncomfortable (i still have a hard time watching one of a kind). who knows, maybe they are treated really well, but i have a hard time believing that the animals, cubs especially, don’t find the environment stressful.

  • musicfan2013

    the snakes were real not cg. the producers already said they brought in real animals.

  • Streby

    The cinematography was beautiful; but I wasn’t a fan of all the outfits. I love that he went in his own direction though, its clear that he had a say in this mv and this song.

  • http://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.gein Elizabeth Gein

    Great review! Coming from someone who actually is into rock, I think you review pointed out a lot of interesting comments. Btw I totally though about Peter Steele (RIP) as well when I saw the fangs. i like the MV a lot, and it is perfect for the song.

  • my self

    I am happily disappointed that Jaejoong didn’t do the usually Kpop song. This is the type of rock I was hoping Kpop would have an artist, finally bring in. This is something new even though it already existed some where else. Jaejoong choice of Gothic rock is making a statement not just through the visuals but also on a musical level. He is the outcast among his fellow idol stars so why not express that within the music itself? I hope that K-pop would explore more rock elements to broaden the spectrum a bit. I know there is rock and heavy metal music in Korea that isn’t indie. These genres can be played even in a more mainstream music audience. My only grip if K-idols want to use rock/metal genres is do it with some creativity and justice. K-idols shouldn’t be so mundane with rock/metal, explore the culture and truly use it to express your inner most thoughts. I am so happy Jaejoong did this the way he wanted to do it even if K-pop fans don’t quite get it. I like Jaejoong Gothic rock approach to “Mine” it stands strongly on its on away from others. I like how each member of JYJ has their own unique twist to doing solo promotions and can thoroughly express their individual personalities from one another. Other groups do that but they feel so cliche to me, this is more authentic.

    • Haibara Christie

      I’m not quite sure why you’re saying that when other groups do unique solo activities that express their personalities, it’s cliche, but when it’s JYJ, it’s authentic… Unless I misunderstood you, which I really hope I did.

  • hannaman88

    Love your review and of course the mv!

  • cancertwin2

    Thanks for the reveiw.

    You really seem to know your stuff!

    Some of the symbolism that you pointed out, I hadn’t picked up on. Honestly I was too busy staring at his costumes and trying to get over my visual shock.

    I definitely picked up some Gackt influence in there.

    The visual kei was another surprise.

    He really impressed me with his creativity and thoughtfulness in the concept.

    I’m still trying to decipher the meaning of the lyrics however, there’s a lot of debate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

    The whole thing plays out like a Goth greeting card. That said, if you were going to co-opt a genre in order to sell records, Goth rock would not be the wisest choice. It is an obscure genre — which is why I can believe the guy didn’t choose this direction just out of popularity lust.

    The music sounds like the songwriters prayed heavily at the altar of Within Temptation. The vocals sound exactly like a visual kei band.

    Overall, I thought it was good. It wasn’t at all what I would have expected from a member of a group like DBSK. If anything, the safer approach would have been just to copy paste a Chris Brown song (but with Korean lyrics).

    If this really was born out of Jaejoong’s own wishes and not at the behest of a record label (something I can believe more now that he is out from under the thumb of SM), then I can, at the very least, respect him for not going in the most conventional — and expected — direction possible.

    • Haibara Christie

      Based on the kind of fan-base that has followed JYJ now, I would actually think that JYJ would be easily able to promote the kind of music that they want. The core of what makes JYJ, JYJ, is simply that they “always break the mold.” They have a steadfast group of people who are willing to enjoy whatever they are given, whether or not it fits what they generally look for in music. These fans are choose to go above and beyond for their group, allowing themselves to branch out in musical taste in ways that generally doesn’t happen in Kpop–and as always they deliver. JYJ WILL sell, no matter what. They have the image, the charisma, the love for music, and the voice to do it.

      From the DBSK(5) standpoint, I also think that they would also be one of the few groups that could hold their own promoting various genres, because that’s exactly what they’ve been doing since day one. An SMP track here, a dance-pop track there, a few Electronica, a slew of Ballads, and straight-up Idol-pop mixed in as well. If you looked at the T.R.I.C.K. releases, you can see that each member had his own style expressed through their solo track (this is also were “Maze” came out)

      So, in other words, I totally would expect this from Jaejoong, and I’m happy he did. (^__^)

  • http://twitter.com/dimpul Hardini Utami

    well you know in the past 3 years after lawsuit, i have seen that yoochun is doing fine with his drama and Junsu with his musical, and they grand with their thing also receive many praise and acknowledgement from critics or fans.
    But Jaejoong? seems like he is the one who left behind in terms of ‘solo activity’, i mean he’s doing pretty good with his drama and movie, but i just feel like he is not as enjoying as much Yoochun did in his drama… So i just wait patiently and believe that someday he will get his breakthrough… And finally this album come out, im so happy and proud of him…finally Jaejoong made it. The song is super great, and the MV is awesome too. i hope he’ll never stop making music like this…and JYJ better make their comeback faster, i really miss them like sooo bad

    • http://twitter.com/_10shiJ m.m. sair

      I know right! Jaejoong was more into the behind the scenes, composing songs and directing. He deserved this explosive comeback :D

  • hi

    I don’t think the snake is fake o_0
    Also, I don’t know who Bane is so that flew right by me

  • fanimnida

    This song brings me back to my jrock days. This style suits him so well and hearing him sing in it… just works. When I would listen to DB5K or JYJ before this I could feel that his voice wasn’t entirely comfortable? The style didn’t seem to fit him but it’s hard to think what would sound better for him when you’re fangirling over mirotic. With this release, his voice thrives.

  • nairi23

    Thank you for the positiv review. This is what JaeJoong needs to be doing in future. I remember hearing him singing Maze and My own world and thinking “what is he doing singing K-pop in a boy band”. Don´t get me wrong i loved DBSK and i love JYJ but this man was made for rock, where he can be free and express himself without the chaines that kept him locked most of his artistic life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Xenia-Petrova/100000801489224 Xenia Petrova

    I always thought that JJ would do great in some J-rock-ish project, and it seems that I was right. I like his voice and looks… but the song an the mv are a bit over-dramatic and old-fashioned. Like, since when we need a Korean analogue for Gackt? Neither song nor mv were unique or original, too.

    I will rate this video and song about 2.5/5 – but only because some parts reminded me of Baiser, and it was cute.

    • http://twitter.com/sundown0126 Surei

      I don’t know how you enjoy a MV,but for me,any genre of art work is successful if it clearly conveys the artist’s messages in a beautiful way and produce strong bond with the audience.I think this MV has made it.If you view this MV as unconnnected pieces composed of gothic elements and J-rock sound,yeah,it’s not original at all.Like you enjoy many other J-rock songs and k-pop songs as general,to me ,they all sound the same largely,which is why we classify them as a genre.But these conventional symbols in gothic rock represent different meanings in the MV,it’s a whole complete story about Jaejoong’s struggle through all these years.The voice shouting aloud is his yelling for freedom,his warning to those who try to destroy him,and his begging for letting him go.He laughed at those who barked around making all kinds of noise telling him what to do or not,bitching about his personal life and choices.He fell like being swallowed by those evil things through his continual fighting.But he won’t give up.Even though his fangs are not pure,he still want to fly high and break free from the control of evil.
      He shows his personal life through this 4 minute MV.As a fan,I don’t know what to expect more.I don’t care it’s Gothic or Visual Kei,it’s from Kim Jaejoong who tried this kind of music for the first time and nailed it.

      ps:I didn’t hear him sing like this before though he did some J -rock like maze.And he didn’t struggle at all singing it.I’m really glad to see him finding something new.
      The last two paragraghs is written as a fan.So it’s OK if you don’t feel the same.We all enjoy things from different aspects.But since you said you like his voice and look,I think 2.5 is a little bit to low.Any way, you are trying to express your feelings.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Xenia-Petrova/100000801489224 Xenia Petrova

        Well, first of all, I appreciate the fact that the very talented JJ has his own moment to shine. Out of JYJ he is the only one that I care about, and I love the fact that I see him doing something that he, I presume, fought for.

        About my 2.5 – well, I put 2 for his voice and emotion (2 out of 2, by the way), 0.5 for the fact that he’s a beautiful man. But I didn’t really like a song, and I disliked the video – thus, -2.5 from the total 5. Too much theatrics, to the point that it was over the border of mauvais tone.
        Also, while I enjoy many J-rock acts but I would rather prefer something like L’Arc~en~Ciel’s “Stay Away”… Just personal preference, you know. It doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate some old school monsters, but JJ is not in the same line as X Japan or Malice Mizer, won’t you agree?

        • http://twitter.com/sundown0126 Surei

          I’m sorry I don’t enjoy J-rock only some gothic rock and metal.I can’t put JJ in the same line with X Japan or Malice Mizer because he didn’t set his career as a Visual Rock singer.I think JJ’s energy might be too dispersed to different fields,like singing,composing,and acting.Now he tries different genre of music as well.Some think it’s not good for him to establish a firm recognition in certain field but he might need to try enough to find his own way and enjoy the journey at the same time.

          About your rate with the MV,I agree that some of the scenes are theatrical(like the scene at the altar),but I do like it because JJ’s acting is moving and deliberate(Sorry,I just can’t help falling in love with his performance).And I looooooove the song after the third time I listened to it at full length.He added his warm and husky vibrato to the song which made the song attractive and distinguished from the usual Visual Kei.(if it is,he would become sb like you said,analogue for Gackt).

          I would rather regard this song and MV as a creative combination of Gothic conception,J-rock sound with JJ’s personal feelings,than some proffessional Gothic rock or Visual Kei things.

    • Anon-san

      Hahaha, I thought I was the only one who thought about “Gackt” while seeing the MV/listening to the whole song, however, I liked the song, it’s all IMO.

  • http://twitter.com/Myrmicinae Brendicienta

    Too many anticlimatic cuts didn´t let me enjoy the song. But he´s a great singer, the whole mni is really good.

  • Lovejyj

    Jaejoong’s Mine video is amazing. Thanks for your unbiased review. Although I am in the bias side, if this song/video had tanked, I would have spoken up too. JJ and JYJ fans have learned to be more outspoken lately, haha. Mine’s lyrics are Jaejoong’s very own words and very personal. The imagery on the video enhanced these honest words perfectly. Being lost, scared, poisoned…being hounded, watched, bound, muzzled, chained…trying to break free…breaking free and running bravely headstrong towards the scary crows…still being stifled…evolving into a night creature because the sun is still being blocked from shining on him…but persevering, fighting, rising, soaring into the light. JJ and JYJ Fighting. Your loyal fans will always stand with you.

  • AcadiasFire

    I’m a fan of DBSK but not a huge one. I just like their music and JYJ’s as well. I don’t really know much about the members. The song is great though. I’m loving it thats for sure.

  • http://twitter.com/denshhh Denise Song

    I love this MV. great review!!! and I agree that the boots were awesome!!

  • Sayu4JJ

    Really, this MV is fantastic! I´m so happy because I had always wished for a rock´s song/album for him. I know his voice is so versatile and he can sing any genre possible, but rock just feels so good on him. When I heard about him and his rock album, the only problem for me was that this album would be in korean and I wanted it in Japanese, but now, after listening the song I don´t care. This song really has the “J-rock” feels.
    And the MV is a masterpiece… really, when I finished to watch the video, I cried really hard… because maybe for any other person, this MV can be cool and amazing, but for me, his fan, who has been with him for a long time, I can see what he wanted to express, all that hardships, pain and prejuices, and then I read the lyrics and… OMG, I can´t describe how deep this guy is… I´m so happy that he is my ultimate bias! ♥
    And the curious part is that before I enter the kpop world, I was so in love with goth-rock, speciallly Within Temptation. ♥ So Jaejoong just gave me the best gift in the world. ♥

  • CJux

    Let’s be clear: goth-rock is a music genre. Visual kei is a form of fashion that comprises different musical genres, from pop-rock to goth-rock to metal.

    That being said, this is not goth-rock. At all. You can’t compare Mine to Nightwish or Within Temptation just because there are some gothic fantasy aesthetics in the MV. It would be like comparing IGAB to Western hip-hop because they’re wearing the same clothes and mimicking hip-hop artists’ mannerisms. Music (composition and vocals) and lyrics are an intrinsic part of goth-rock music. And although Within Temptation, HIM and Nightwish became popular among teenagers, it doesn’t mean these kids listened to “goth” music, if you know what I mean.

    However, you CAN compare this to visual kei. Because the whole Final Fantasy aesthetics are closer to what’s been mass-produced in Japan lately than to anything Western gothic bands released so far. Anime looks? Check. Cyberpunk randomness? Check. Gothic gimmicks with no meaning attached? Check. Pop gimmicks? Lady Gaga hats and Damien Hirst skulls. Check.

    Goth-rock has lots of corny MVs (and yes, Bela Lugosi goth fans think wearing “fangs” is corny and Type O Negative is for wannabe goth teenagers), but still, even the most lame goth bands would rather kill themselves than to release an MV like this. They would be the laughingstock of the whole community.

    Furthermore, Within Temptation and Type O Negative are not synonyms “classic goth-rock”. Go listen to Bauhaus, The Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Fields of the Nephilim, Sisters of Mercy, London After Midnight, among many others from the 80s. These are the ones that defined the genre and the ones considered “classics”. And, like I said, just because something looks “dark” and “vampiristic”, it doesn’t mean it’s “goth”. No Baudelaire-loving Goth would consider Twilight gothic literature, and no goth-music listener would consider Evanescence a “goth-rock” band.
    Likewise, you don’t need to dress in black and put on your death-like makeup to be goth. Look at Dead Can Dance, goths worship them. It’s a subculture based on literature and music, and aesthetics are secondary. A few goth-rock bands became commercial, but they don’t, at all, represent goth-rock in general.

    Visual kei is the complete opposite: it’s based on aesthetics, not music. Many visual kei bands have similar sound, but you can still be labeled visual kei and do pop-rock. This is why it’s accurate to compare “Mine” with visual kei. I mean, from a “gothic” point of view, this MV is really, really lame, and the music sucks. But, if one analyses this as a visual kei-insipired MV and song, I’d say it’s pretty damn good and creative. Jaejoong’s singing is not characterized by overly dramatic vibratos, which annoys the hell out of them when some visual kei singers do it.

    I like it. But please, let’s not confuse genres, okay?

  • Guest

    Thank you for an unbiased review. TBH, I was dreading what a Seoulbeats review of a JYJ project would be. I am not just saying that because the review was positive, but because you seem to know the genre and what you were talking about.

    Even though I am a JYJ and Jaejoong fan, I will be honest and say I didn’t fully “get” this style and perhaps I am also guilty of wanting to keep him boxed up in that nice and easy place. Your explanations and analysis were insightful and gave me a better appreciation of Mine.

    I think the whole album is truly well done. All Alone composed and written by Jaejoong is one of my favorites, as is You Fill Me.

  • VipVip

    This MV was such a positive surprise in midst of all the typical kpop concepts. I’m not personally interested in jrock or visual kei but I visual kei was definitely what I thought of when seeing the MV for the first time. And I’m so very happy about all the costumes being spot-on (if there’s anything I’ve learned from kpop it’s that outfits can be divided 50/50 into good and bad ideas).

    The wings were well animated, expect for the very beginning there was a slight clumsiness which I side-eyed. Otherwise, all the animals, places, it was really eye-candy (and guyliner has never looked this good tbh).
    The running bit reminded me though strongly of Woodkid’s ‘Iron’ MV, but then again I don’t know how widely used the concept is.

  • Virgo Kong

    My interpretation of this music video is that it symbolises Jaejoong’s struggle with his sexuality. He’s trying to break free and accept himself, and being a homosexual in the hugely homophobic, critical Korean society is a very dark world. I hope fans will accept him for the person he is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/monica.espinosa.9 Mónica Espinosa

      Que comentario tan pendejo y más alejado de la realidad.

  • Vickyg51

    I am drowning in these comments that are endlessly trying to find a concept or genre that Jaejoong is going for. I honestly don’t think Jaejoong was thriving for a visual-kei concept or fantasy-goth music. His agency said he was going to release a rock influenced album but that was it. He even asked a rock singer to compose and write two songs for his album. The sets, props, and overall video are not trying to follow a certain concept, it was used and put together to convey Jaejoong’s emotions and feelings on the struggles he had to face in his music career, and on that note I feel like everything that the lyrics, music, acting, and music video had to offer was spot on. Its so obvious why Jaejoong chose to sing a rock song and had such a dark music video. Pop would not make much sense with an angry rebirth message he is trying to get across. And the fact that he showed all his tattoos to the camera from his chest to his spine, only goes to show that he wants people to know his lifelong journey (since the tattoos he has are basically his life-story). The song and the video may not be to everyone’s taste, but the whole point of this comeback and the album was not to copy a genre but to tell the negative public and his obstacles to fuck off.

  • Haibara Christie

    Actually Jaejoong isn’t the first to incorporate rock elements into his music. Jinwoon of 2AM had released rock influenced solo work over a year ago. It’s quite good and unique from 2AM’s music, solo efforts from Kpop artists, and solos from other 2AM members. Seulong of 2AM also participated in Clazzi’s album, which is also a departure from the typical Kpop trends. Heechul released a rock-influenced track as well, with Jungmo in the duo M&D.

    Kpop artists do attempt to branch into other genres that are fleeting events to most. Their efforts are no where near as high profile as JYJ’s. JYJ know how to make themselves relevant no matter what; that’s what’s made them so successful despite the lawsuit.

  • chi

    hey guys, i love JYJ, but I think Jaejoong “MINE” MV is lack of originality. Please check these videos: IRON http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSkb0kDacjs and RUN BOY RUN https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lmc21V-zBq0 . The link videos that I post are videos from Woodkid, the music creator of Assasin’s Creed Game. Many scenes are almost the same. The felling is also almost the same. Wew!

    • http://twitter.com/sundown0126 Surei

      I watched that video a while ago.I agree that Iron is mind blowing and true artistry,but come on,it’s a totally different story.

      • Jan S

        yea that may be but there is no doubt that the producer for the concept for the video totally borrowed it form Woodkid. I love Jaejoong(like LOVE) but even I’m not delusional enough to not recognize the extreme similarity. That said I still love this song and video.

  • Anon-san

    I really liked his whole album, which is a surprise because I didn’t really enjoy JYJ stuff aside from a few songs here and there. He literally rocked in the main track and I’m glad he’s back in action, since his voice is really nice.

  • Dynasia

    When I first saw this MV I thought it was going to be another ballad, but once I heard the first words that came out of his mouth, my eyes went wide open. It was a huge shock for me to see Jeajoong, (DBSK’s odd member out) singing a rock song. I was elated because I think more labels need to have K-Rock; it’s just good to branch out to other genres and also creates originality. And K-rock just sounds freaking AWESOME! lol Being an Avid J-rock fan from childhood, I was really impressed with Jeajoong’s vocals. He sound like Hyde and I am just so proud of him. I felt this song symbolized his liberation from all t he critiques and he finally found HIS voice. JAEJOONG FIGHTING! SO PROUD OF YOU!

  • Clara

    I feel like Jaejoong really hit hard with the idea of being suppressed of creative freedom in this music video. There are so many symbols of freedom in it that I think that even a very narrow minded viewer could understand to a certain extent. By changing from the DBSK style to the j-rockish style that he had a long-standing interest in, I think that he was not-so-subtly trying to attack and blame SM for his lack of freedom and to clearly show his fans this. The scenes with him escaping his chains and running really conveyed that feeling to me.