20141911_seoulbeats_Ulala_SessionThe charming and versatile songsters of Ulala Session, as of November 19th have finally released their highly anticipated album reJOYce. As winners of the third season of Superstar K, reJOYce is the first full length album in which we get to see the talent that allowed them to win the famous competition. The album opens with a signature  R&B track called “Best Girl.”

A total of ten tracks with unique songs like “Happy Virus,” “Heartache,” and “Brand New Day” inhabit the album and acquaint us once again with the passion and hard work put into them by the group.

The perfect tune to jam out to in excitement for the holiday season would definitely be “Best Girl.” We see the members busting out their moves on a warmly paved street, and a flavour of comedic lightness permeates the MV. Featuring a cheerful environment with café patrons enjoying their warm drinks and tacos, each member tries his best to earn the affections of his “Best Girl.”

It is quite plain to see that Ulala Session has put forth much effort and diligence and tried to comfort fans with a familiar and uplifting sound.

With reJOYce, the group provides a heads-up in regards to a motley array of concepts and tunes planned for the future.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Hgu35T52I]

So snuggle up with your café mocha, or do a little jig this holiday season with reJOYce and expect  a detailed album review soon!

(YouTube, 1theK)